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 Valerie Bonwick


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Meditation—Heart Chakra


Awakened by Meditative Concentration

Cleanse By Visualization

Stabilize by Contemplation

Energize by Dedication


Begin your meditation by sounding the Om


   Concentrate your attention upon the location of your Heart Chakra and imagine yourself encompassed by the beautiful green light of a leafy glade. Meditate upon the center of this leafy glade, the focal point of which lies within your own center of consciousness.


   As you visualize this center, watch it revolve in your imagination, accelerating in speed. As it spins, register in the shadows within the glade, taking note of any murkiness. If you sense shadows tainting the clarity of the emerald tint, realize that they represent shadows in your own environment which need to be dispersed. Therefore, after sipping some cold water, began your cleansing visualization and return the color to its own pure green hue.


   Stabilize the awakening of this center of consciousness by contemplating the positive qualities associated with the Green Ray: creative harmony, generosity, sympathy, healing and abundant supply.


   As you know, energizing this chakra is only complete when it is accompanied by the dedication of service in your own life. Should you experience a lack of abundance in your material life, realize that this can also be assisted by your visualization when you refuse space to the shadows caused by limitation.


   Complete your meditation by repeating the Orison.


Throat Chakra-Vishhuddha—Sapphire Pool


   This chakra or vortex is located at the throat, just below the Adam’s apple. It is sometimes registered upon being awakened after a long period of time by a discomfort which has nothing to do a physical causes, although it is always wise to reassure yourself to the cause if there is any doubt. If you are a natural sensitive, you may experience a sharp, stabbing pain in the area of Throat Chakra, but the sensation is very temporary and normally is not repeated.


Signature of the Blue Ray


   This chakra expresses a gentle sapphire tone when awakened and energized. It is less distinctive in appearance perhaps than the colors expressed by the lower chakras when they are awakens, for while they often appear to be pulsating very positively as they will revolve, the throat Chakra—The sapphire pool sometimes expresses itself as a haze of swirling blue. Its visual activity may presage the initiation of clairaudience or clairvoyance during your meditation. Forget me not blue or the pale Blue Iris both exemplify this delicate tint of color and are excellent as a focus in meditation.


  When you have acquired a higher level spiritual poise and registers commitment to the path consciously, the tints of your awakened center of consciousness may express achieve vibrant had azure blue and you may attune yourself to the blue of the sky to prepare yourself for this meditation.


Lemurian Man


   During the early years of the Lemurian Age, the Throat Chakra was awake, but need to be restored to its full level of authority. In energizing this center of consciousness, the Lemurians were also presented with a parallel opportunity as an evolutionary goal of the race, which was to express the creative power of sound and develop the positive power of Mantra Yoga, the seeds of which were sown by the Wise Ones.


   All well for thousands of years, they experienced the joy of communicating verbally with the animal kingdom can learn to call members of the parallel evolutions to their side. Who can point to a date, however vague in their history, when they began to abuse that familiarity?


   As time went by, the Lemurians acquired such ease of vocal expression, that they were tempted to use their mantric skills negatively. They had perfected the creative power sound as far as their personal lives were concerned, but some Lemurians were tempted to experiment with the destructive power of sound. This was a dangerous practice which eventually led to their downfall and the loss of Lemuria.


   Not all Lemurians became involved in the negative side of mantric practice, the majority remained philosophically uncommitted unless they were personally discomforted. Many Lemurians who were committed positively, politically or personally to spiritually enlightened leaders, emigrated in large groups before the Lemurian Age ended. They transplanted cultural seeds wherever they settled including the practice of Mantra Yoga.


Naming the Sapphire Pool


   The name  our forefathers chose to call this vortex is more or less self-explanatory, but perhaps we should say a little more about the “pool,“ which is the name we use most frequently.


   When you meditate upon the tranquility of the Sapphire Pool, you may receive clairaudient contact, but listen very carefully at first, keep the surface of the pool as calm as possible, because the first communication may be but a slight whisper.


   Sometimes when you meditate upon this Chakra undisturbed and it appears within your inner vision as a clear sapphire pool, you may begin to receive visual communication. You may see faces for instance, as if outlined in silver thread, this clear-seeing a response to your meditation, made it possible by a reflection of your own spiritual state of being, but you must protect the veracity of your inner vision by your personal behavior which governs the sanctity of the “Pool.”


Keynote of the Sapphire Pool


   Inspiration is the quality expressed by this chakra. When the Throat Chakra—Sapphire Pool is awake and energized, you receive as well as express inspiration in varying degrees according to your personal spiritual level, subject in some instances to your previous karmic background.


   Integrity is the keynote of protection to be practiced at all times and by maintaining your integrity, you ensure that you comprehend the source of your inspiration precisely, interpret directions correctly and register the content of your communication accurately, so that truth remains inviolate.


   The Questers increased sensitivity, which may express itself as an awakening of psychic skills, is sometimes reflected as heightened sensitivity to the harshness of the physical plane endeavor. At such times, reinforce your goals by surrounding yourself in the tranquil light of the Blue Ray and place sky blue reminders within easy range of your vision, whether a scarf, a cushion or a piece of colored glass.


Quest for Attainment-Seer


   The qualities of character which lead to seership are rarely defined correctly, you are far more likely to encounter reports of the results of seership. That foregoing truism provides a comment that profoundly illustrates a pitfall into which it is possible for many Questers to fall.


   Clairaudience very often attends the awakening of the Throat Chakra and its activity quite often presages the early stages of clairvoyance. This is a welcoming assurance of your progress and these skills often bring comfort when they are needed.


   Sometimes behind your closed eyes, the outlines of faces, scenes and helpful information are perceived imprinted upon your inner vision when you are meditating. Unfortunately, it is at this stage of development and level of spiritual progress that so many Questers remain. Indeed, many Questers have already energized this chakra in previous incarnations, but in their enthusiasm at attaining or regaining these attributes of seership, they abandon their efforts to progress further.


   The Way ahead lies open, your quest beckons, your goal awaits you and it is a great pity not to continue your spiritual journey after traveling so far. Intensify your efforts on the Path, safeguard your integrity, pursue your studies and dedicate yourself to your chosen field of service. The positive qualities relating to energizing the Throat Chakra, will then lead you to the well-deserved spiritual authority of the awakened Brow Chakra and of emerging adeptship.


   Many Questers ask, why, after achieving visual proof of life beyond the physical plane, should they not rest from their efforts at this point and enjoy the fruits of their labors and relief at their success?


   The reason is that when you are working with phenomena which may attend the awakening of the throat chakra, you receive and you observe, but you have not yet developed the attributes mindpower skills that are associated with the awakening of the higher chakras and which facilitate intercommunication with Initiates of a high degree. Until that time you have little control over what you receive Clairaudiently or perceive clairvoyantly. This stage parallels the difference between subjective and objective intelligence.


   Therefore, respect the siddhis that are inspired by awakening the Throat Chakras center of consciousness, maintain them on as high a level of consciousness as possible, but pursue your quest. The skills associated with the awakening of the Throat Chakra parallel the false dawn and valuable though they may be, they but presage the Heralding of the true dawn which rises from the awakening of the Brow Chakra.


   It is well to remember when you take your first steps to awakening your Throat Chakra, that it is a sensitive center of consciousness and an encouraging, optimistic attitude toward your goal when combined with service, will do more to speed its safe awakening than any attempt to jolt it into action by the sudden force of willpower.


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