Chakras of Equilibrium III

Vortices of Ocean Consciousness


 Teachings of the Sea Gods


The Adept and the Path



Valerie Bonwick


Jonathon Bigras



Meditation-Throat Chakra


Awakening by Meditative concentration

cleansing by Visualization

 Stabilize by Contemplation

 Energizing by Dedication



Begin your meditation by sounding the Om


   Concentrate your attention upon the location of your Throat Chakra, focus your gaze behind your lowered eyelids and then visualize the blue flower you have chosen. Observe it as it revolves in your imagination, accelerating in speed until the flower appears to be a disc, a swirling pool of blue.


   As the pool you have visualized steadies to a serene, pure blue, meditate upon it and visualize it being cleared of clouds of grey or swirls of shadow, bearing in mind at the same time that by doing so, you are affirming your decision to clear away clouds of doubt or shadows of depression from your spiritual life also.


   Stabilize the awakening of this center of consciousness by contemplating the positive qualities associated with the Blue Ray, inspiration, sensitivity to the needs of others, serenity of purpose and trustworthiness.


   By your dedication of service to the life of the spirit, you awaken this chakra positively and naturally. Then the skills associated with the energizing of this center of consciousness grace you deservedly, their presence is enforced and they are anchored by integrity.


   Complete your meditation by repeating the Orison


Brow Chakra--Ajna—Indigo Sea


   The location of the Brow Chakra is sometimes described as being in the center of your forehead, but its location is just below the center, above and between your eyebrows. It is at this center that one focuses one’s gaze when meditating to revitalize the chakras.


   The loss of the inherent skills that were associated with this center of consciousness when it was awake and active, remains one of the tragedies of mankind. For since the latter days of Atlantis, when so many enlightened seers were lost, the gifts of second sight have belonged to but a minority of humankind. Yet even so, those skills that survived the Atlantean Age have proven to be both a blessing and a solace, more importantly, they have survived as a proof and a promise of life after so-called death.


Signature of the Indigo Ray


    A deep, almost midnight blue is the color note which is sounded by the Brow Chakra—Indigo Sea when it is awakened. Indigo blue is the same color tone which is taught traditionally, but a less harsh tone than the true indigo, is closer. The bright deep blue of the Cornflower or the Trumpet Gentian, come closer to expressing the awakened and energized chakra, you may also discover the correct and radiant blue shining down from a stained glass window.


   As we have commented before, the difference between the Throat and Brow Chakra is more than one of intensity or of the skills associated with them. Although both centers of consciousness share seemingly similar color tints, there’s also a very pertinent difference in texture when you perceive the two chakras which typifies that difference more distinctly than the mere depth of color. When one perceives the energized Brows Chakra, its seems to express an intense, midnight blue with a lustrous sheen of silken velvet.


Atlantean Man


   Atlantean Man was sophisticated in all areas of culture. His civilization was in many ways superior to the most culturally advanced and technically astute nations of today. Yet, the very same skills which propelled Atlantis to become a most powerful empire, caused her destruction when they were misused.


   The goal of the Atlantean Root Race was to perfect the positive skills of ESP, while developing the significant quality of idealism related to and expressed by the awakened Brow Chakra. The failure of some of their people, as their Priest-King blood became diluted by intermarriage, to measure up to those ideals, resulted in an amorality which eventually pervaded all areas of their lives, in spite of valiant opposition from those who remained true to the spiritual foundation that had made Atlantis great.


Naming the Indigo Sea


   Naming this vortex the Indigo Sea was an obvious choice, although its translation into your language does not sit upon the tongue. Meditate upon indigo blue when awakening this center of consciousness. Instead of the swirling sapphires waters of the Pool associated with the awakening of the Throat Chakra, visualize a sea of deepest blue which seems to possess unplumbable depths. You were the observer during your meditation on the pool, now you are a participant and join with the sea, buoyed by its power, sharing in its expression of energy.


Keynote of the Indigo Sea


   Idealism is the quality expressed by the Brow Chakra when it is awakened and sometimes you will experience the elation that true idealism communicates to the Quester.


   Purity is your keynote protection at this time, it helps to protect your aura from impingement by individuals who would like to manipulate your idealism for their own advantage. The keynote of purity also prevents you from compromising your clarity of purpose when the blurring of your ideals is threatened.


   Awakening this chakra unlocks the doors to many secrets. You may become aware of a pressing need to reorganize your life, readjust your lifestyle and reevaluate your life-goals which come to the fore in the execution of your life-effort. You also become more sensitive to the priorities of the Hierarchy and your co-workers, because the awakening of the center of consciousness promotes your advancement in the service of mankind on the inner planes.


   Some Questers find that attuning to the light of the Indigo Ray stills their restlessness prior to their meditation.


Quest for Attainment--Sage--Adept


   The awakening of the Brow Chakra is accompanied by a convergence of enlightenment, skills and responsibility. Sometimes, but not always, it signifies that the fourth Initiation has either been passed or is on the Questers spiritual horizon.


   This center of consciousness when it is awakened, is sometimes called the Third Eye and it does indeed provide the Quester with access to reliable clairvoyance, leading to visual contact and communication with Initiates of responsible levels of authority. The awakening of your third eye will promote inner vision of that which is visible or invisible, regardless of distance or time.


   The stage in your personal training practice when visualization initiated by your image-making faculty merges into the stimulation of your inner vision, varies from Quester to Quester, depending upon several factors which include your historical karmic background of psychic experience. One is not always aware at what point this merging takes place, but it is usually in progress following the energizing of the Throat Chakra of and complete by the awakening of the Brow Chakra.


   The Way of the Mystic sometimes provides a natural spiritual progression for a Quester who is energizing the Brow Chakra—Indigo Sea. Mysticism has been called “Science of Ultimates,“ certainly it’s realization at the highest level will lead the Quester to an understanding of that which is inexplicable by any other means.


   In this respect, the quality of patience is invaluable if the glimmering of wisdom and the flickering of love and understanding resulting from the fourth Initiation experience are to culminate in spiritual enlightenment of the sage.


   It is the understanding of the sage that very often provides him or her, with a supportive foundation of that wise compassion which remains essential spiritual equipment for the last few steps that lead to adeptship, because for every Quester this stage of training involves the treading of a well-worn path upon which the Adept ultimately becomes the path.


   Having reached the initiatory degree of Adept, many Questers wonder what lies ahead for them? Their understanding of life has deepened, the comprehension of the meaning behind appearance has increased, their perception of the planes has heightened, yet they may not necessarily register a dramatic change in their everyday lives.


   The fourth Initiation very often signals the end of a crisis period in the life of the Quester who is at this stage of the path and quite often, the Quester’s life requires a great deal of readjustment so that the outer expression of life pattern will reflect the improvement of his or her inner being.


   Yet it is the need to express their inner upliftment on the material plane that very often provides the field of opportunity for the emerging Adept. You must now begin to practice that which you know, those mysteries, which are yours to learn must be tested in the expression of practical life skills.


   The Quester may have passed the initiatory degree of an Adept, yet still cannot express the skills of adeptship, but under a Masters supervision, you will continue to receive training until you acquire proficiency in of all of the skills and various fields of expression now yours to experience.


   You the sage, as the mystic retaining your hard-won realization culled from penetration into the Science of the Ultimates and balancing the timbre of your sounding note with the practical service and the occultist, become your own divine alchemist and proceed forth as an Adept.


Meditation-Brow Chakra


Awakened by Meditative Concentration

Cleansed by Visualization

Stabilize by Contemplation

Energized by Dedication



Begin your meditation by sounding the OM


   Close your eyes, focus your gaze and concentrate your attention upon the location of this chakra. You may by this time have no need to visualize a flower, but if you do, meditate upon a beautiful flower of your choice and visualize it turning very slowly, revolving with increasing speed until it is a spinning disk.


   You will be able to examine the beautiful color closely. Guard against intrusions of flecks of black or tinges of purple. If either one of these shades intrude upon your visualization, realize that they caution you that perhaps your intentions towards the use of the skills associated with this chakra when it is energized, are not yet as pure as they could be. Therefore, after sipping some cold water concentrate upon cleansing and clearing the color until it returns to its own pure tint, affirming very determinedly as you do so, that this cleansing parallels the elimination of any selfish motive form your consciousness.


   Stabilize the awakening of this center of consciousness by contemplating the positive qualities which are associated with the Indigo Ray, practical idealism, spiritual perception, Higher Self comprehension and intuition.


   Remember, it is by practicing the positive qualities associated with each psychic center of consciousness that you accelerate the development of the attributes related to its awakening.


   The dedication of service which accompanies the exercise of this discipline, accomplishes results that are much more far-reaching than we can tell you at this time. Yet let it be said that it is the timbre of the note that you sound during this meditation, which signals your preparedness to join your efforts of service with those of your Elder Brothers who are waiting to greet you on the inner planes, it is also that same note, personal to you the Quester, that draws their response of recognition.


   Complete your meditation by repeating the Orison


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