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Splenic Chakra

Svadhishthana Flame of Choice


   The Splenic Chakra is also known to many students by its Sanskrit name, “Svadhishthana,“ but the name given to it by our forefathers, somewhat humorously, was the Flame of Choice, usually shortened to the “flame.“ It is located at the spine, about four finger widths below the level of the naval. The area of its influence encompasses the spleen, pancreas and generative organs and when the Root Chakra is energized unwisely, the Splenic Chakra vibrates in sympathy with it.


   The Splenic Chakra is an important center of consciousness which rarely receives the attention it merits. This is a lack which we intend to remedy in this portion of our account for it is the understanding of this chakra that does much to eliminate the hurdles, on all levels, which the Quester needs to overcome. It is the higher appreciation of this chakra when it is awakened, which does much to determine the emotional stability and lessen the mental pressure experienced in everyday life on the physical plane.


Early Ethereal Man


   The Splenic Chakra was the first center of consciousness to be developed by Ethereal Man independently of his heritage. He manifested it in response to his accelerated curiosity when it found its outlet in creative energy. When that same creative energy initiated Man’s experimentation in procreative capabilities, energy was withdrawn from the higher centers of consciousness to fuel the creative drive of the Splenic Chakra. Gradually the resulting thought forms became less opaque and more solid, as did the form of their “creators.“


   There were many phases of experimentation which occupied the creative skills of Ethereal Man over untold periods of time. Perhaps the use of the term “experimentation“ is a little to scientific in connotation, for initially Man’s curiosity was merely a form of dilettantism which discovered an absorbing creative outlet, albeit one that was to change the whole preconceived pattern of man’s evolution.


   When Man’s form became more dense, the vitality of his higher centers of consciousness was drawn down to his new chakra to be dissipated there by his creative precocity. The Splenic Chakra was followed by a second, lower chakra, which developed in response to continuing physical plane involvement in stabilizing its presence within his form. The new center of consciousness was the Root Chakra, which then proceeded to separate selected qualities of vitality from the incoming pranic stream. This provided the physical drive to procreate forms which were created, when Man focused his attention upon and his desire-involvement within the intensified energy of the Splenic Chakra.


   Perhaps out of caution, or because of an inherent distrust of their students ability to control the heedless rush of these energies if or when aroused by an inadequately controlled Root Chakra, many early Hindu teachers omitted this separate awakening of the Splenic Chakra in their training and even today, some Eastern schools of training consider the Root and the splenic Chakras to function as one center of consciousness.


Question of Diet


   It is now obvious to many Questers, that one’s “day of opportunity“ parallels to a great extent to the experiences of the of the major root races back in their evolutionary quest. Therefore, we learn as much about them as possible and use that knowledge culled from their experience in our own training.


   Until Man’s form became so dense, he had no need to eat or drink and received all his nourishment that he needed and more, from the prana which was indrawn and distributed throughout his form by his Chakras, which were each and every one of them awake and active at that time. In those enviable days, his energy was such that he could not even comprehend fatigue.


   Once Man’s form had become dense and more solid towards the middle of the Polarian age, his curiosity led him to experiment with forms of nutrition enjoyed by other living creatures on the planet. At first he could only assimilates the most delicate substances and today this sounds rather like a diet described in some of your fairy tales, nectar for instance and the very purest of dew held by cup-shaped flowers at early dawn.


   Therefore, it is very pertinent that one of the first questions serious Questers ask about diet. We have already described an outline of our own diet which has done much to establish the almost foolproof good health of our people and experimenting with this, might prove to be beneficial to your own health and vitality.


   One of the dietary habits that we follow, is one that was until quite recently shared by your own grandparents as far as possible and it might be advisable to return to at this time. You may find that you can avoid eating many artificially preserved fruits or vegetables and concentrate upon varieties offered for sale in their own season of harvest, as well as those that are preserved at home.


   With a little research, those of you with access to a garden will discover that you can lengthen the growing season by experimenting with lesser known varieties of crops and perhaps install an old-fashioned root cellar. Many of you with no garden can attempt your own storage of fresh fruits and vegetables, if you have access to a cool corner of a garage, shed or a balcony facing north. This experiment is worth a little effort, for the results will provide you with the opportunity to attune yourselves to the rhythm of life expressed by the seasons of nature, you may also find your sensitivity to the kindred kingdoms enhanced.


   As you become more attuned to treading the path, you will discover that you require less heavy sustenance in by the time you awaken the Solar Plexus Chakra, your physical form should register less need of nourishment derived from animal products. Meats of all kinds lower your vibration and it is a good idea to diminish your intake gradually by substituting nutmeats. If you find vegetarianism abhorrent to your palate, I think it will help you to change your choice of menu, if you bear in mind that any meat that sits on your table is a body part of a dead animal


The Signature of the Orange Ray


   The color tone of the Splenic Chakra when it is awake, and energized and registered upon one’s inner vision, is a brilliant orange, like the clear, unblurred orange of a flourishing field of California poppies or the intense flame tint of the Bhikkus silk robe, still worn by some Eastern monks. It will be obvious from the above verbal pictures that I have been observing life on the surface through the eyes of my land dwelling friends.


Naming the Flame of Choice


   Our forefathers gave a great deal of thought to naming this particular vortex. “Flame,“ is obviously descriptive, because it represented at that time for our people and is related at this time for you, to a quality of energy that can be fanned into a fire which is difficult to control. The “Choice,“ occurs between two functional expressions of the same pranic flow of energy, presenting you with the choice of whether to create or procreate and containing all the many degrees of deliberate intent or instinctual behavior in between.


   Please do not misunderstand me. I am not denigrating the physical act of conception as an expression of energy, rather the reverse. I suggest that it is time that humankind recognizes the common bond between creative energies of all and every kind when they are expressed upon the physical plane.


Family planning


   Drawing upon personal experience, we would like to encourage a more positive approach to the childbearing patterns now prevalent amongst humankind, by subjecting the creation of a new life form to at least the same amount of care, attention and idealism accorded to the conception of any valuable work of art.


   There are many of you who already practice this philosophy, but there are still some serious Questers, who pour themselves into producing worthwhile results during their work day or concentrate upon perfecting skilled leisure hobbies such as skiing and meditate most diligently, but when it comes to conceiving and creating a new form, they throw responsibility to the winds let them blow where they may.


   Yet if this responsibility was practiced seriously, spiritually advanced entities preparing to reincarnate would gain much easier access to suitable, waiting parents and less evolved entities would be forced to wait until they were proven ready to reincarnate. By doing so, you are not in any way delaying the progress of the entities who are fully prepared for rebirth, karmically speaking, but you would speed the evolution of humankind onwards and ease your own burdens as parents.


Keynote of the Flame of Choice


   Energy is the quality expressed by the Splenic Chakra which we call the Flame. Through our own experience, we know that discrimination is an essential and protective keynote, which one must practice diligently. It is discrimination between opposites of which we speak, not that of racial discrimination.


   The energy expressed by this center of consciousness is extremely sensitive to your interests and goals and attunes itself according. Unfortunately many young  humans undervalue or waste their energy to no purpose, while middle-aged Humans often have no opportunity to husband energy and many elderly humans underestimate the value of their time. Analyze your opportunities, and make greater effort to pace yourself to expand your creative horizon. Bear in mind that the decision to use your creative energy, when and where you use that same energy, is yours, the responsibility is yours also, as is the opportunity of choice and its results.


Quest for Attainment—The Devotee


   Devotion can and has in the past, brought many Questers onto the path, whereupon they have often performed valuable service to their fellow man.


   There are many forms of devotion. The most important guideline to follow is, to be aware the ease with which positive, unselfish devotion can become tainted by negative self-righteousness when practiced within a narrow social structure or bound with selfish possessiveness supposedly imposed on behalf of one’s loved ones.


   Combined with the earnest will-to-good or goodwill, devotion very often leads the Quester to aspiration and understanding on a higher turn of the spiral.  The true devotee is not a fanatic and does not express an attitude of the exclusivity in his or her beliefs which can sometimes result in self-serving Piety. Spiritual expansion, deeper understanding and greater tolerance towards all creatures are the mark of a genuine devotee, who always perceives the highest spiritual potential in the expression all Life.


   You may find that your devotion to duty leaves you with less time to recuperate your energies than you would wish. When this situation occurs bathe in light of the Orange Ray for 15 minutes so.


   This pattern of meditation will not differ appreciably from that of the Root Chakra and because of their overlapping of vitality, there is no reason to wait until you have perfected that practice before you begin to awaken, cleanse, stabilize and energize the splenic chakra.


   Choose which representation of the Orange hue you wish to meditative upon, if it is a flower, familiarize yourself completely with every line of its petals; attune yourself to the beauty of its Ray color.


Meditation—Splenic Chakra


Awakened by Meditative Concentration

Cleansed by Visualization

Stabilize by Contemplation

Energize by Dedication


Begin your meditation by sounding the Om


   Now, direct your attention to the location of the Splenic Chakra, posit your attention there. Close your eyes and concentrate one pointedly, until your visualized flower vibrates with the vitality of its own, then very slowly imagine it revolving, gradually accelerating and speed until a resembles a spinning disk of brilliant orange. As it spins, the disk will change subtly from your visualized color to portraying accurately by its tint, the exact level of your consciousness as expressed through the qualities associated with this chakra.


   As you meditate, be your guard against a brown tinge tainting the orange color, this denotes selfishness and if you do see it, begin the cleansing technique which you used with your Root Chakra and visualize the color tint returning to that of the flower your originally envisioned, sipping cold water as you do so.


   Stabilize the cleansing technique by contemplating the many wonderful positive qualities associated with the Orange Ray. Creative energy of all kinds receives its impetus from the exuberance of this Ray, as well as joyfulness, devotion and the drive to accomplish which is often essential to the successful completion of many ventures in your life.


   Energize this center of consciousness by dedicating yourself to the most positive aspects of the Orange Ray in your life-expression. The awakened Splenic Chakra is involved with energy in all its many areas of endeavor. Whenever you sense that you are failing to meet your potential, do not chastise yourself, realize that it is not unlikely that much of your personal energy potential is probably being dissipated or dispersed by a scattering of your forces. Reconsider and recharge your vitality by a determined replanning of the calls upon you. Your positive attitude, rightly directed, is the most potent key to energizing this chakra. 


Complete your meditations by repeating the Orison.




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