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Solar Plexus Chakra—Manipura-Sunray


   The Solar Plexus Chakra is also known to many Questers by its Sanskrit name, “Manipura,” but our forefather’s named it the sunray. This chakra, which was one of Ethereal Man’s original centers of consciousness, lies above the navel but below the solar plexus, at the spine.


   Even if you have never experienced the fully activated whirl of this chakra, you may have registered its location already. Its center of consciousness remains the seat of telepathy for many Questers, albeit lower telepathic contact. Because mankind in general continues to empathize more easily with the negative rather than with positive vibrations, many people find it easier to sympathize with those suffering from grief than to share in the joy of all others.


   If you doubt this, study the news of the day, except for an occasional glamorous and escapist news item, the emphasis is upon tragedy and disaster.


   The location of the Solar Plexus Chakra is registered quite strongly in the area just below your midriff, where you experience a sinking feeling when you anticipate unpleasantness or receive bad news. The forgoing is a subjective experience, but you will gradually learn to attune yourself to an objective application of this centers positive energies.


   Once you awaken and energize this center of consciousness, you have won a major victory. For until you establish constant and conscious contact with the Solar Plexus Chakra, you remain polarized in the two chakras below it, attracted by the downward flow of energy engendered by the strong physical drive of the Root Chakra and the variety of creative choices associated with the Splenic Chakra, yet drawn by an upward flow of intense longing to intellectualize that same creative energy as expressed by the awakened and higher center of consciousness at the solar plexus.


Signature of the Yellow Ray


   The color note sounded by this chakra is a radiant golden yellow, not gold. True gold as expressed by the yet-to-be awakened Crown Chakra and the Pinnacle vortex at the edge of the aura. The pure yellow in which we will use for meditation and energizing this chakra, is exemplified by the clear yellow iris or by the radiance of a closely growing field of shining buttercups.


Polarian Man


   Originally, the Solar Plexus Chakra was Man’s lowest center of consciousness and as such, even today in sympathy, it tends to bear the brunt of many of the problems you will encounter in your everyday life. Yet, in an effort to restore knowledgeable, conscious activity to all of his chakras according to his inborn right, mankind has instinctively progressed towards the awakening, one by one, of each of the centers of consciousness in turn.


   During the latter days of period of time encompassed by the Polarians Age, the majority of Polarians subconsciously and their spiritual leaders consciously, recognized the need to replenish the energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra. The seat of telepathy when awakened, this chakra presented an empathic field of expression to be used as a positive instrument for expanding their consciousness and when it was energized, it provided a sensitive empathic bridge with all living, sentient beings at will and by choice.


   Mankind’s sensitivity to stress owes its initiations to the latter days of the Polarians Age when Man abnegated freedom of choice concerning his empathic field of expression.


   The Wise Ones, having initiated the establishment of the great planetary center at Shamballa and committed themselves to the future well-being of mankind, founded seven centers of transmutation called Power Houses, to moderate the legacy of panic and grief that clung to the Earth and its creatures


   This insured that when individuals reincarnated, they could resume their life on the physical plane, unhandicapped by the residual fear resulting from past experience. This reasoning has some influence upon Man’s return of memory by recall or the lack of it. If all situations of the past were accessible to an unprepared, untrained individual, mankind would be a neurotic race indeed.


   All in its own time---when the Quester is ready, he or she remembers all and everything in full waking consciousness, as our own people do. It is from a practical standpoint, not theoretical opinion that we speak. To recapture memory of all ones past before one is ready, can result in a living nightmare rather than the beautiful experience in truly is. Wisdom is required to fully appreciate the intricate kaleidoscope pattern of life in which you have participated during your many incarnations.


Sensitivity to the Pace of Life


   A very common situation these days, due to the frantic pace of day-to-day living which besieges so many Questers, results in sensitivity which affects the Solar Plexus Chakra. Many natural sensitives experience adverse reactions to the stress of modern day problems, they suffer impingement upon their auric bodies by both inharmonious vibrations and the constant impact of incoming telepathic reception which they sense, but perhaps are untrained, either to register or to block. Therefore, they are prone to suffer from nervous tension, registered as everything from queasy digestion to anxiety attacks of panic which cannot be accounted for.


   Provided the discomfort is not due to a medical condition and one-should always make sure that it is not, one effective method of soothing the solar plexus during a panic attack is to employ a warm castor oil poultice warm the castor oil by standing the bottle in hot water, then soak a clean face towel or a pad of cotton or cheesecloth in the oil and place it on one’s diaphragm covered by a warm towel to keep in the warmth. Twenty minutes is long enough at a time and then remove the pad. If one does this before retiring to sleep, excess oil soaks in during the night and the discomfort of nervous tension will relax.


Naming the Sunray


   Our forefathers named the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Sunray. For it is with the awakening of this center of consciousness that the ray of intellect is lit by the light of reason. Illumination may make its appearance gradually like the first soft rays of the sun at dawn or astonish you by its brilliance, but the rays of the sun assuredly lighten your darkness, whether that darkness is spiritual, mental or physical.


Keynotes of the Sun Ray


   Intellect is the quality expressed by this chakra. The residue of built-in fear which we register subconsciously even today as a result of the Polarians legacy, requires that the keynote to be practiced and cherished by the Quester is, the fortitude of faith.


   Faith practiced in knowingness and awareness reins in the “wild horses of fear“ before they stampede one into a state of panic. Faith also helps you to control your imagination when it is fueled by intellectualizing a problem out of proportion or creates phantoms out of nothingness.


   Sunshine is the opposite grey misery, therefore, bathe in the pure light of the Yellow Ray while you re-align your three lower vehicles, physical, emotional and mental. Now is the time to regain your perspective and banish gray clouds of care from your aura.


Quest for Attainment—the Scholar


   Many Questers who are working with an active Solar Plexus Chakra are involved with intellectually based careers or hobbies, so you are often perplexed as to how you can achieve the illumination or enlightenment that you read about, without abnegating your analytical sense of proportion. It is not for nothing that the solar plexus has been called the brain of the nervous system.


   Provided you are ready to evolve spiritually without prejudice, prepared to involve yourselves sincerely in the “workhorse“ side of your training, which includes intense study, the practice of moral precepts and the dedication of service, you will attain enlightenment and move onto to higher fields of endeavor, inclusive of the positive qualities expressed by the energy of this chakra and without compromising your common sense.


   Do not make the mistake of under estimating the value of any field of study capable of positive application, because it appears to be far removed from the spiritual life that you seek. The life of the disciple or the Initiate requires that hard work become second nature and in that respect, very few fields of study offer nothing in the way of opportunities to prepare for life’s greater challenges.


Meditation--Solar Plexus


Awaken by Meditative Concentration

Cleanse by Visualization

Stabilize by Contemplation

Energize by a Dedication



Begin your meditation by sounding the Om


   Concentrate your attention upon the location of the Solar Plexus Chakra, close your eyes, focus your gaze and meditate upon the brilliant yellow flower of your choice, imagine it revolving and quickening in speed until it is spinning.


   As you meditate, guard against any muddiness tainting the brilliance of the color. If the tint deviates from clear yellow, practice your cleansing technique until you visualize the color returning to its true expression of positivity. Remember at the same time, in a determination of willpower, to parallel your visualization with a similar improvement in your own life-patterns.


   Stabilize the awakening of this center of consciousness by contemplating the positive qualities of intellectual enlightenment, confidence and increased awareness.


   Energizing this chakra requires dedicating yourself to raising the consciousness of the qualities associated with it, involving honest self knowledge on your part. Self-knowledge recognizes your fears and so that you may supplant them with confidence, reinforce self-effort channeled towards open-minded learning and avoid intellectual crystallization. Please remember, there are no limitations placed upon you, other than those you place upon yourself.


   Your life-efforts will benefit in countless ways from meditating upon this chakra, from the most prosaic of what you may consider to be the mundane areas of your life, to the peaks of your intellectual achievement.


Complete your meditation by repeating the Orison.



Earth Consciousness


   Not for nothing were the three lower chakras called the Vortices of Earth Consciousness by our forefathers. Their true value in functioning correctly is deeply involved with the responsibilities of life on the physical plane, responsibilities which are not to encourage to abnegate any time in our training, because they are ours whether we follow the path or not. By transmuting these responsibilities to good account, we awaken the security and the stability of Earth consciousness on a higher turn of the spiral, which serve to sustain us in our quest as we transform ourselves into the highest expression of our spiritual potential.


   One of the practical hints we have learned in our own training is not to underestimate the value of lesser sounding steps of the Path.


   In your enthusiasm to press onwards to your goal, do not forget or overlook the fact that unless or until you have developed a certain degree of intellectual facility by awakening the Solar Plexus Chakra, your interpretive skills which you need to express the attributes of the Heart, Throat and Brow chakra will sorely be limited.


   This lack can result in situations similar to individuals receiving directions in a fascinating language they cannot understand, hearing wonderful music they cannot explain or seeing beautiful pictures they cannot describe.


   What you have learned from stabilizing the positive qualities of the Chakras of Responsibility, contributes to your interpretive expression when you develop the attributes related to the median triad of chakras in the next chapter:


The attributes of the sensitivity by awakening the

 Heart Chakra

 The attributes of the seer by awakening the

Throat chakra and

The attributes of the sage when awakening the

 Brow chakra



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