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Vortices of Celestial Consciousness


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Chakras of Transcendence

Vortices of Celestial Consciousness


   The Chakras of Transcendence sound the chord of Power balanced by Responsibility, Aspiration sustained by Courage and Contribution qualified by Experience, expressing Love that is as yet, beyond the Questers understanding.


   The above is precise as regards the qualities which you express and personify once you have awakened the Chakras of Transcendence which our people call the Vortices of Celestial Consciousness, but let us examine a little more closely the qualifications for awakening those vortices.


   One interpretation of the word “celestial,“ according to your dictionaries, is “divine“ and “consciousness“ is interpreted as “awareness,“ while to be “conscious“ is “to be awake.“


   Once you have awakened the Crown Chakra, it may well be expected that you have synthesized all those positive qualities associated with your work on the preceding centers of consciousness and made them your own. You have worked off most of your karmic debt, you are in control of your life-effort and last but not least, you are able to practice the mindskills with some authority, which brings us to a further consideration, that of Thought.


   Until the awakening of the Crown Chakra, you may have considered the practice of Thought simplistically, as either positive or negative, creative perhaps or sometimes nebulous, yet, similar to stages of your training when you come to realize the relationship between Sound and Form, you now have the opportunity to realize the affinity between Thought and Life.


   Once the Crown Vortex is awakened and energized, you become increasingly involved in responsibilities associated with Celestial Consciousness, leading to the realization of Divine Awareness which is that aspect of the Indwelling Intelligence which permeates all life on the planet.


Crown chakra—Sahasrara—the Crown


   The Crown Chakra is located just in front of the crown of your head. The Sanskrit name for this chakra is “Sahasrara,“ as many of you already know. When you have attained a certain degree of spirituality and you balance it with intense intellectual effort, the Crown’s Chakra’s location can be registered physically, rather like a tiny shutter sliding back and forth or clicking sensation when fresh or original intellectual content is initiated by its activity. When awakening and energizing this center of consciousness, you register the degrees between awakening and energizing more precisely than has ever been possible before.


Signature of the Violet Ray


   The Color signature of this chakra is unique. Behind your closed eyelids and centered in the location of your third eye, you will see a most beautiful flower of Violet with this chakra is awakened. The color itself is unique, a violet such as not to be found on the physical plane, although the violet pink hue of the European cyclamen comes close, the center is gold and the edges of its petals are outlined in gold which is flowing in texture.


   Truly, the colors associated with rulership on the physical plane must have been inspired by this chakra and so of course they were. The first rulers of Atlantis, Priest-Kings, maintained a perfect balance between temporal and spiritual power, the source of which is echoed even today in the symbols used in the coronation ceremony of one Western nation.


   Sometimes, in the process of synthesization, you will see the vortex as a white flour, such as the white lotus or the white Italian Bellflower, slightly tinted with pale green, but with a myrid other colors moving towards one’s vision from the center of the flower. This signifies that the chakra is energized and expressing the visual synthesis of all the hard won qualities associated with and contributed the successful energizing of your lower centers of consciousness. It is also a visual symbol that you have attained the hard won 26th sense, expressing its essential attribute of synthesis positively, in preparation for a fresh sense of purpose to be fulfilled in new areas of creativity. All the colors that you can imagine express themselves by pulsating towards you from the center of the flower.


   The above resembles a kaleidoscope in many ways, but it is as practical in its application to your life, as it is esoteric. The many colors which you perceive pulsating in their vibrancy, represents your personal chart of spiritual progress as of the precise moment, they may also illustrate your well-being on the physical plane in your day-to-day life. You are thereby enabled to become judge-of your self, responsible as Ruler--of your little self and ruled-by your Higher Self. The ruled and the Ruler become one.


The Present Age


   The goal of the Arya Root Race which is making its presence felt during this Aquarian Age, is to achieve the reawakening of each of the chakras associated with the evolutionary goals of the previous root races, the Solar Plexus Chakra with the Polarian, the Heart Chakra with the Hyperborean, the Throat Chakra with the Lemurian, the Brow Chakra with the Atlantean and to meet the challenge which is the goal of the present race, the awakening of the Crown chakra.


   As your perception increases, you will notice mankind gradually separated into two groups during this Age, one group composed of those who struggle for power and leadership and the other group composed of those who strive for balance by shouldering the burden of responsibility.


Naming the Crown Vortex


   I believe the reason our forefathers named to this vortex the “Crown,“ is only too obvious to you at this time. I would like to say a few words however concerning our use of the term “vortex.“ A literal meaning of the word is “whirlpool“ which describes any of the centers of consciousness when they are energized, but the description takes on a new meaning when it is applied to the awakened Crown Vortex, for the influence expressed and radiated by the sweeping affects of its energy is unmistakable, lending a vigor, previously absent, to many unexpected areas of one’s life.


   One unlooked-for result is that sometimes, the Adept who expresses the radiance of the energized Crown vortex becomes the center of attraction for other Questers who sense the whirlpool of power now operative within the influence of the Adepts aura. In response, they may contribute surges of conflicting thought-patterns which the Adept must learn to manage wisely.


   How you manage your increased popularity is as important at this time as the way you overcome criticism of your life-efforts, both of which help to determine the quality of your thought process, the intensity of your thought projection and the integrity of your thought-patterns.


   The importance of determining the note you sound at the present time and the potential harmonic of that note which you will eventually sound, is obvious when you consider the statement that, “there can be no Life without Thought.“ It is also a concern of those with whom you will perhaps be working in the future.


Keynote of the Crown


   The quality expressed by the Crown Chakra is power-Wisdom. This quality is expressed unequivocally, while the keynote goal by which it is balanced is responsibility.


   There is no need, I am sure, to dissertate upon either the welding of the rod of power, of which you see far too much in the world or the shouldering of the burdens of responsibility, of which you see far too little. I would however, urge you to believe in yourself, you have already made gains on the side of positivity by studying this far. There is a greater need in the world today for both adepts and Master’s than ever before. Instill that realization within your consciousness and determine that you too, will attain and merit the right to wield the rod of power wisely and responsibly.


  An essential difference between an Adept of the Light and an Adept of the Shadow is, the former wields the rod of power while wearing the hard-won Crown of Wisdom, whereas the Latter wields the rod of power only and lacking that unifying quality of wisdom, will never become a Master.


   Adepts of the shadow do not teach, they enslave. They do not coach students, they command underlings amongst their followers instead, from whom of course, their power is drawn. The strength of their power is directly related to the number of their followers and the spiritual caliber of their victims.


   Having come this far, I believe that it is unnecessary to speak of the Disciplines of Awakening, Cleansing, Stabilizing or your Dedication to service. At the risk of repeating myself however, I emphasize that your dedication to Life in its widest sense, mankind, the parallel evolutions, the kindred kingdoms and the well-being of your home-planet itself, is ultimately the deciding factor in the speed of your spiritual progress.


Quest for Attainment

Occultist -Adept-Master


   A wealth of going experience of all kinds may have filled in your life with activity since you attained adept ship.  If you passed your initiations will dwelling in the world, surrounded by Monday and responsibilities, that so many disciples today, it may seem to you at times, that there is little scope for you to experiment with your newly acquired skills in the midst of the activity generated by the work day world.


   You may even register at little irritation on your part that you have barely enough time to meditate, with even less time to contemplate your past years of effort and your trials and testing periods, even the tranquility in which to reflect upon just how far you have traveled on the Path, is at a premium. Perhaps it is a built-in safeguard for this root race, which precludes us from the need to concentrate on the expression of humility in our lives. The “odor of sanctity“ dissipates very quickly from the aura of an initiate who is battle scarred from weariness.


   You will have received glimpses of the Light in the Head since you awakened the Brow Chakra and now you may expect to receive even more frequent flashes of its brilliance. This is made possible when the Brow Chakra and the Crown Chakra are both awake and active and the energies from both centers of consciousness arc, forming a loop. The visual expression resulting from this experience deserves its traditional name, “The Supreme Reality.“


   It is said in some Eastern schools of training, that if you are able to mentally seize or hold the “lightning flash“ at the moment of your so-called death, you will not need to be reborn born again on the physical plane, which is of course true, because having become a Master of yourself and Master on the planes, you do not need to reincarnated again anyway. But there is another reason to maintain contact with the Light in the Head; it involves awakening the two higher vortices of Celestial Consciousness.


   The kundalini power and has now risen to the Crown chakra and the silver cord which provided the path of entry for the initiates a downward flow of life force is still intact, it will remain so until the moment the transition from the physical plane. What remains is to pursue your quest further, so that the silver cord serves the kundalini energy as an upward seeking path to the re-awakening of the Mid-Aura Chakra. This higher center of consciousness may already be responding in sympathy with the vibrations of the Crown chakra.


   The occultist is sometimes described as one who can wield the rod of power successfully in the world phenomena, whether psychological, physiological, cosmically or spiritual, but it is in expressing the wisdom of the Master who is truly a Master of himself or herself when wielding that rod of power while dwelling in a physical form on the physical plane, that one becomes at last, one’s own Divine alchemist.


   It is sometimes questioned, understandably so by the diligent Questers, why they need to wait so long before acquiring the power that would be so useful to them in their ongoing struggle to right wrongs of the world? We sympathize deeply with their attitude, yet must beg your indulgence while we explain.


   Acquiring spiritual power or occult powers is timed as far as possible: First, to the Questers tried and tested control of power already attained, Second, to his or her self-control and Third, to the integration with his or her Higher Self.

The Adept and the Master absorb and become one with the quality of creative power naturally and safely, assuming full personal responsibility for the sanctity of its purpose. The master does not need to monitor his or her thought, word or deed, the uninitiated practitioner does.


   How many times for instance, in your day-to-day experience have you heard someone say in the heat of anger, “I could ring her neck, “ or “ I could kill him-?“ A form of thought projection“ you might say, “a harmless comment“ whether deserved or not, “certainly not intended to be taken seriously.“


   What if the same words were spoken, even in jest, by some possessing power, whose words translated such violent comments into factual transmission, because their emotions were undisciplined and their thoughts unguarded? In other words, a practitioner of power or powers who had not yet become his or her own master.


   Until you become a Master, your life is influenced by everything around you, taking on the color of your environment rather like a chameleon, but once you become a Master, the situation is reversed. You not only influence your environment, you sometimes create an environment that was lacking before, which is why the Questers quality of creative power remains subject to examination and exercise of that power restricted, until you are truly Master of yourself. 


Meditation-Crown Chakra


Begin your meditation by sounding the Om.


   Concentrate upon the location of the Crown Chakra, imagine a violet tinted flower of the purest hue, with a center of flowing gold and each petal edged with gold. As you meditate, you experience a sense of physical wellbeing integrated with emotional calm, mental vitality and spiritual poise.


   Reinforce your meditation and visualization, stabilize the awakening of the Crown Chakra by contemplating the positive qualities associated with the Violet Ray, self realization, power tempered with compassion, wisdom expressed with forbearance and E-S-P expressing itself naturally and like the siddhis, unforced and unused to a great extent because these side-effects are now becoming absorbed into the overall pattern of the Masters life, but similarly to the way that you have become the Path you once trod and made it your own.


   As the Questers life begins to synthesize qualities reflected from ingress to the higher planes, your meditation may change to visualization of the white lotus with its many hued representation of your spiritual level of progress described in the color signature. Visualize, observe and cleanse the tints whenever necessary, bearing in mind the keynote goals of each center of consciousness as you sip cold water.


   Energize your Crown Chakra by affirming your dedication to the highest ideals of your Path of Realization.


Complete your meditation by repeating the Orison.



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