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Mid-Aura Chakra-Chaitya-The Chalice


   The Mid-Aura Chakra—Chalice vortex is located above the Crown Chakra at a minimum distance of the least 18 inches.  The ancient records, still remembered by early Sanskrit teachers gave this center of consciousness the name, “Chaitya.” The reference is now lost to memory, but the name is still used to describe a sacred area within early temples as a Chaitya-“that which is worthy to be looked upon.” The memory of this chakra seems to have dimmed in mankind’s available records, although a few anchorites still possess the tradition of its awakening, even if they have no disciples who have reached the level of training required to awaken it.


Auric chakras


   The awakening of the auric chakras is accompanied by a physical sensation of pressure on the outside and at each side of your head, an impression of something pushing the space around your head outwards. You sense as a very definite expansion of your radius of your aura, which is often accompanied by brilliant flashes of light when either of the two higher chakras awaken and are energized.


   The Mid-Aura Chakra is located in least 18 in. or more above the Questers Crown Chakra, but the Edge of-Aura Chakra manifests itself at a distance from the Mid-Aura Chakra which is equal to the distance from the Questers physical form to the Mid-Aura Chakra, hence the latter’s name.


   It is essential that the Quester intensifies his or her integrity of purpose and purity of life-expression, so that the auras radiance and radius expand to facilitate their manifestation and awakening. This ensures that the authority of the Adept or Master, attained at the energizing of the Crown Chakra, maintains its high spiritual level and does not degenerate into that of temporal authority alone. There are no limitations in reverse, the auric signature may extend the influence of its radiance over as wide a radius as possible without obstruction.


Signature of the Christ Light


   The color signature of the Chalice Vortex—Mid-Aura Chakra is a brilliant, pure silver-white, which some saints have called, the Christ Light. How the chalice expresses itself visually in meditation is quite significant. When it is awakened, you see a myriad stars, sparkling white points of light scintillating with energy, set against a midnight blue or an indigo sky, this in itself bestows a blessing of indescribable peace upon the Quester. It shines forth when the Quester’s training is well-established, as a brilliant white background upon which symbols from afar may be displayed for the interpretation and the understanding of the Initiate. Sometimes the Quester is initiated into a form of Yantra Yoga on a higher turn of the spiral which is the first step of training for interplanetary communication.


   It is at this stage of the Path that the Light in the Head expresses itself as if radiating through an opening above the Crown Chakra, instead of at the location of the Brow Chakra as it did previously.


Naming the chalice Vortex


   Our forefathers named this vortex, the Chalice, partly because it describes the awe inspiring visual experience that is yours, as you experience the “pouring forth“ of the Grace of the Deity when you awaken the chakra. Another title by which it was known to Initiates’ translates as “The Bowl of Night,“ we will speak of this again.


Keynote of the Chalice


   The quality expressed by the chakra at the mid-aura is inspirative aspiration on a higher turn of the spiral. This quality may begin to express itself before the chakra is fully awake, while the Quester is still adjusting to the heightened expression of positive qualities associated with the lower chakras. The supportive keynote goal to work towards at this time is courage, expressed on a higher turn of the spiral than the life-giving quality of courage associated with Root Chakra.


   We spoke of loving understanding earlier, which began to express itself when you awaken the Brow Chakra, the light of wisdom also began to illumine your way at that time, both essential qualities in awakening the Crown Chakra, when wisdom reaches a higher point of attainment and loving understanding moderates the welding of the rod of power. Wisdom reaches its highest expression of fulfillment during the manifestation and awakening of the Mid-Aura Chakra, while love reaches a new level during the awakening of the Pinnacle vortex.


Quest for Attainment—Prophet—Chohan


   When the Quester has awakened the mid-Auric Chakra, he or she will be able to express the skills of the profit knowingly in the fullest sense of the word. Until that time, although the Quester may prophecy accurately and precisely, what is predicted is usually transmitted to the seer by contact from an entity on the higher planes.


   To prophecy responsibly, you must not only be skilled, you also need to attune to an extremely high rate of vibration, approaching a level expressed by the Elders who, on the highest turn of the spiral that can be used by Initiates dwelling on the physical plane, normally and regularly contact the Source.


   The stars, the planets, all evolve. There is nothing existing in its natural state that is inert. Life all levels whether composed of matter or ether—wherein the akashic records are to be found, is the result of Thought expressed on various frequencies at different rates of vibration.


   A true profit must be able to attune himself or herself to a much higher and faster vibration than is normal in order to anticipate, realized and unite consciously with the spiral of the time curve to register the wisdom written therein and experience factually that there is in truth no present, no past or future, all are one.


Golden Age


   The above is one of the reasons that a requisite number of Initiates must incarnate into a root race who have attained a precise and elevated level of evolutionary status, so that when the magic moment is upon us and the spiral of the time curve is intersected by Man’s evolutionary purpose, his expression of energy is tuned high enough for him to break free of his previous circle of return, advanced to a higher turn of the spiral and hopefully, initiate the beginning of the next Golden Age.


   When you have energized the Chalice vortex, the foregoing will cease to remain but words and you will experience the truth of the above as reality.


   The frequency to which you must attune yourself, is related by the mathematical progression to the vibration of the pace of life as expressed on the physical plane. You will understand from this, that in the Middle Ages for instance, when the pace of life was slow, it was easier for a seer to prophesy, because was possible to enter the time curve mentally without attuning to such a rarified rate of vibration.


   The title of Chohan designates an Initiate who has taken the sixth initiation, who may therefore choose a higher degree on the Path leading to a future away from planet Earth, if that is the Chohan’s decision. Just as there are Masters expressing various levels of evolution, from the beginning Adept to the experienced Mahatma, there are also Chohans of many degrees, from the most junior of Chohans to the highest of the Ray Lords.


   Little outside differentiation is made of amongst themselves regarding seniority; the more elevated their status, the deeper concentration upon their work. Perhaps this is a lesson for us, the less evolved we are, the more concerned we are with labels.


Meditation-Mid-Aura Chakra


Begin your meditation by sounding the Om


   Meditation upon the Mid-Aura Chakra is intended to promote the ease of contact with the higher vibrations leading to communication with the Initiates who direct hierarchical projects. This ensures that you are immediately available to add your expression of positivity to the work in hand when called upon to do so, with a maximum of reliability and a minimum of direction.


   To intensify your preparation, concentrate your attention upon the location of your chakra and imagine the purest white blossom that you can discover. This is a precise direction; it does not mean a cream-white hue, a greenish white or white with pink veined paddles.


   While you are meditating upon your chosen flower deliberately intensify your positivity and imagine the radiance of the flower, increasing in radius as you visualize it spinning. Stabilize the awakening of the center of consciousness by contemplating this radiance. Attune yourself to that higher aspiration of the White Ray which is an expansion of qualities that radiate the assured positivity of the Hierarchy. Energize the chakra by dedicating yourself to the highest qualities of courage on a higher turn of the spiral.


Complete your meditation by repeating the Orison


Edge-of-Aura Chakra

Ushnishna—Pinnacle Vortex


   The Pinnacle Vortex or Edge-of-Aura Chakra of is located at the outer rim of the Adepts or Master’s aura, in a straight line above the Chalice Vortex located at mid aura, which is itself located above the Crown. It is not possible to give the exact distance from the Crown Chakra, because the radius of the aura, intensity of its radiance and eventual auric signature of each Quester who attains, differ substantially, as they should.


   It is not and has never been intended that any disciple, Initiate, Adept or Master should become a clone of a prototype. Each Quester who attains and ascends the “mountaintop“ sounds his or her own individual note, adding that harmonic to the chord sounded by those who are already united in expressing the “music of the spheres.“


   “Ushnishna” was the original Sanskrit name for this center of consciousness. Gradually, the Ushnishna came to represent the protuberance portrayed on the crown of the Lord Buddha’s head, the “Flame of Realization“ which is sometimes represented as a flame, an artistic portrayal close to a factual representation of the energies pulsating along the path of the centers of consciousness which leads you to the awakening of the Pinnacle Vortex.






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