Chakras of Transcendence III

Vortices of Celestial Consciousness


 Teachings of the Sea Gods


The Adept and the Path



 Valerie Bonwick


 Jonathon Bigras



Signature of the Pinnacle



   The color signature of the Pinnacle Vortex is gold, sensitivitely textured, almost fluid spun gold, which expresses all the positive qualities associated with the centers of consciousness already awakened on a higher turn of the spiral, which you experience for yourself in that benediction well named Illumination.


   What you see during your meditation will be presaged for some time prior to the chakras opening, by flashes of golden light quite different in character from glimpses of the Land of the Golden Light and very different in quality from the golden yellow light of the energized Solar Plexus Chakra. The content of what you see is varies from Adept to Adept, which is as it should be.


Naming the Pinnacle Vortex


   The name, by which this vortex was known to our ancestors, is probably as old as the fragments of manuscript that we have included for you at the end of this chapter. Significant of the degree of authority invested in this chakra which is the last center of consciousness waiting to be reclaimed is a hint from a well-known work written by a Sufi Initiate.


Awake! For Morning in the Bowl of Night

Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight:


   It will be obvious to the Quester from the above lines that Morning is that period of enlightenment which follows an expansion of consciousness, the bowl of Night describes inner vision of the awakened Chalice Vortex accurately and the stone that puts the Stars to Flight is the Spiritual Sun. The metaphor is apt because the brilliant golden light of the Pinnacle Vortex astonishes you with its sudden appearance, following as it does, the preceding meditation upon the Chalice Vortex in which you seem to be one with the serenity of space.


Keynote of the Golden Light


   The Pinnacle Vortex traditionally expresses the quality of contribution qualified by experience. I myself consider this a rather restrained description, as I believe anyone who has endured the experience of countless incarnations on the physical plane will agree, however accurate it might be. The personal keynote goal to work towards, is love Beyond our Understanding, as beneficent as it is accurate in its promise of what lies ahead.


   We will remember at this time that as the Elders exemplify, Man possesses yet another and higher functional system of chakras of rarified and finer vibration, which bears the same relationship to Man’s known chakra system as that chakra system does to Man’s present physiological system. This system waiting to be awakened provides a dynamic expression of energies, little known as it to humankind, which is already beginning to radiate its Light to Questers who are experiencing the faint stirrings of its initiation.




   You may wonder why so little has been mentioned concerning the quality of love during the commentaries upon the awakening of the preceding chakras.


   The word “Love“ is an overused term and a much misunderstood quality, but essential to the satisfactory fulfillment of the Questers present level of training. It is a rare virtue in practice which cannot be adequately described—love that you could explain is not love, truly,


Love does not command,

It never demands,

It cannot be forced

And does not obey


   Love that swings to the opposite pole of expression—Hate, when frustrated or disappointed, is not love beyond our understanding—and therefore has no place within these pages.


Kindred Kingdoms of Earth


   We have said little, relatively speaking, concerning the kindred kingdoms of Earth, much material must wait until a later date, we would like to repeat some words from an earlier chapter of this point:


Man was intended to mold the Mineral Kingdom,

To tend the garden world of planet Earth, and

To shepherd his companions of the Animal Kingdom.


   You may not fully realize when you climb the first few steps of the Ladder Path, that the awakening of the higher Chakras of Transcendence—Vortices of Celestial Consciousness, is within your grasp. Yet by your achievement, you not only recover skills that were lost to you in the very dim and distant past, you also raise yourself in the Fourth Kingdom of Man to the Fifth kingdom of Spiritual Man.


The First Kingdom is that of the Mineral,

The second is that of the Plant Kingdom,

The third is the Animal Kingdom

 Man is that of the fourth, but

The Fifth is the Kingdom of the Spiritual Man.


Mountain Top


   Earlier on, when we spoke of the intense training undertaken by the Historians who serve our people, we included the following excerpt from “Fragments of Early Manuscripts.“ We are repeating it now because we believe that it will be personally relevant to the Quester.


   We do not know exactly the great age of these fragments, but we are of the opinion, because of passages concerning power of “sound“ and the part that mantric practice played in Lemurian history, that they are from a very early Lemurian source. Our own Historians research has traced them back as to the early Atlantean mystery schools where they were received from Lemurian priests who left their own lands for Atlantis long before Lemuria was lost, but they are obviously referring to a much earlier epoch in mankind’s evolution.


   There was once a wise man, his name was—well, never mind! He stood upon a mountain top and sang to the stars, it was said that his voice so sweetened the firmament that the stars themselves conspired to form only those patterns beneficial to mankind, and in those days no crops failed and no one died, and noise had not yet been born. And the silence hummed with life and peace, the silence of tranquility that is the promise of infinity. For this, mankind in search through ever darkening ages, will trade all the baubles of enslavement, and come at last bereft of pride and stand again upon the mountaintop.”


Quest for Attainment—Faith—Testing


   Whether one is an aspirant or an Adept, the question is still asked by materially-minded critics of those who tread the path, “What do you expect to gain by your efforts to progress?“ These same critics are usually the very people who rail at their lack of opportunities when comparing them with their fellow man and express anger that their lives are not more exciting or more dramatic, blaming Fate.


   We cannot complete this stage of the Path without touching upon the dual conditions of Destiny and Fate, which we hinted at in The Sea Gods—After Atlantis. Then we wrote that:


  “Destiny is a force which responds to a call that receives its energy from a group, a nation or race. It may be sounded consciously or subconsciously, voiced or unvoiced. But one must make certain that the forces one invokes are those which one really needs. For Destiny is a driving force which proceeds until its intent reaches completion and its impulse is exhausted.“


   It is obvious from the above that unless one has achieved a relatively high degree of karmic independence, you have little personal choice when destiny response to an area of concern with which you are involved. Yet there is still confusion in many Questers minds concerning Fate and Destiny which must be clarified:


Fate is passive                                         Destiny is active

Fate is Subjective                                     Destiny is objective

Fate is karmic                                          Destiny is evolutionary

                                                              and sometimes, revolutionary.


   You cannot respond to Destiny if you are still subject to Fate—yet if Fate is karmic, it is a condition which is well within your ability to change, adapt or transmute. If you do not control your own fate, you cannot respond to Destiny and you are swept along in its wake.


   The foregoing exercises to awaken the Questers centers of consciousness sound deceptively simple, yet if well done, they establish one firmly on the threshold of esotericism and provide the foundation for more advanced training that follows.


   They introduce the Quester to a method of gaining control of one’s own life-expression and a means of working knowledgeably within one’s karmic heritage, rather than flailing helplessly against it.


   Karma is inextricably interwoven with the Questers fate. The words are often used interchangeably, Fate and Destiny, yet in the expression of their difference, they can be compared to the Ying and-Yang pattern which fulfills the planetary quest for attainment.


   “If you are awaiting the call of Destiny to greatness, begin plotting your fate now, for tomorrow’s Fate you can influence, but no man changes Destiny, man is but used by that demanding master when the line of Fate which he has prepared for himself and that of Destiny, both meet at a crossroad.“


   The many choices which are now yours are hard-won and well-deserved, as is the joy which attends every step of your chosen path ahead.


   As you tread your path and make it your own, we add our own encouragement for your successful journey and more importantly, a blessing from the Elders and our own revered Teachers.


   We have sometimes found it to be of help when beginning in meditation with the chakras, to set their qualities and goals to an easily memorized verse.


Coin a Phrase—Acquire a Habit


Discipline my wants and needs,

Discrimination guide my choice

And Faith sustain my Intellect.

Compassion found in Harmony

Inspire Integrity in me,

Protect ideals with Purity .

Responsibility of Power ,

Increase my Courage as I Aspire

To offer up my Contribution of

Love that yet remains beyond

My reach of understanding.


   The chart on page 352 of will help you to memorize the color signature of the chakras, their qualities and keynote goals.


   Although it is possible to approximate the color tints which are expressed by the awakened chakras, it is almost impossible to adequately express in words the visual exuberance of the three lowest chakras’ colors or the vitality of the fourth chakra’s color. It is just as difficult to describe the texture of the fifth, sixth, and seventh chakra colors or the magical wonder of the two highest in vibration, for they are far more beautiful than it is possible to reproduce on the physical plane. This is a reward which we must lead to you to experience for yourself.


   This reward is an intensely personal experience. Your expression of qualities are also personal to you, they bear the imprint of your inner being. Your Root Chakra’s quality of life force and your application of self discipline in your life are unique to you the Quester.


   Your Splenic Chakra’s energy and your discriminative choice as to its direction are intensely personal. 


   To balance your intellect and faith with fortitude when energizing your Solar Plexus Chakra requires your own inner perfection.


   The creative harmony you radiate when expressing the compassion of your awakened Heart Chakra is subject to both your invocation and evocation.


   When awakening your Throat Chakra, you receive your inspiration from the higher spheres, but the responsibility for expressing integrity is yours alone.


   Your awakened Brow Chakra enhances your expression of idealism, but it is the practice of purity in your own life expression that translates that idealism into practical experience.


   The qualities of power and wisdom are yours to express in a wider field of awareness when your Crown Chakra is awakened, but it is your keynotes goal of responsible authority that transmutes those qualities into attributes.


   That the Elders draw attention to the fact that the foregoing steps are personal to you, is not intended to encourage a cult of personality or an alternative of seperativeness as a character trait, far from it. The more personal your quest, the greater your understanding of responsibility and the deeper the realization that you are in reality personally responsible for creating the outer expression of your inner being, although Masters, Buddha’s and Avatars may point the way.


   Yet, in the following steps of the Ladder Path, learning to express the qualities and acquire the attributes of one’s awakened centers of consciousness, who would not wish to possess physical strength, creative energy, intellectual facility, abundant supply, inspiration, intuitive understanding, wisdom, power and love?


   By the blessing of the Elders, the intercession of our Teacher and the abiding Grace of the Deity, you discover that you too can make the above degrees of Adeptship your own, but when you tread the Path and assist your fellow beings on the planet, and so doing, you draw nearer to the Source of all Life.


Pages 342-350





Color signature

Expression of Quality

Personal Keynote Goal





9. Root

Luminous Ruby Red


Self Discipline





8. Splenic

Brilliant Orange







7. Solar Plexus

Radiant golden Yellow


Fortitude of Faith





6. Heart

Vibrant Emerald Green

Creative Harmony and Abundance






5. Throat

Gentile Sapphire Blue







4. Brow

Lucent Indigo Blue







3. Crown

Flawless Violet flower edged in Gold or a white flower when synthesizing

Power Wisdom






2. Mid-Aura

Scintillating silver White Stars in an Indigo Sky

Aspiration on a higher turn of the Spiral

Courage on the Higher turn of the Spiral





1. Edge-of-Aura

Spun in Gold, form of symbol Withheld

Contribution qualified by experience

Love beyond our understanding




Pages 342-352



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