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Finding the Path


The Laws are eternal,

 Their implementation evolves.


   To find ones spiritual path is an answer to every Questers dream. Accompanying attitudes which speed you towards reaching that goal, include sympathy and tolerance for all your follow Questers on the Way, however much you may disagree with the tenants of their particular creeds. This does not imply that you should embrace another person’s faith out of sympathy for their religious stance, any more than you should take issue with their beliefs and argue each point of disagreement. It does necessitate that you should keep an open, but not an empty mind.


   There are many paths to the same goal; there are also paths that can lead you astray. The principal concern for the Quester is, how do you know when you have found the path that is right one for your personal spiritual growth?


   First, let it be understood that it is not essential to work towards your goal as a member of any group, cult, organization, congregations or association that pursues its purpose on the physical plane.


   It is mandatory however, that you deviate not one whit from complete honesty with yourself, as well as with other people. Sometimes the former is more difficult to maintain than the latter and for that reason, reinforce your spiritual integrity at every stop of the way, for it is essential that your acquired knowledge be accompanied by hard-won merit, if it is to be transformed into wisdom.


Word of Mouth


   In the past, ancient texts often fell victim to natural violence or destruction by foreign invaders and in many parts of the world, the majority of Questers sought a Teacher out of necessity, to listen to words of wisdom by word of mouth and learned by rote. The Quester would strive to prove his worthiness by serving his teacher in an exemplary manner and his strength of character or lack of it, as the case might be, would be tested in various ways within the exchange of day-to-day contact with his fellow Questers before receiving formal acceptance by the teacher. Eventually, training of various degrees of enlightenment might be forthcoming.


   It is very clear from the above, that efficient as such training might be, it was not and is not necessarily the swiftest path in history. This is a pattern which we are hoping to rectify in some small way. We, who enjoy such long life spans on the physical plane compared to you, are dismayed at what we consider to be extra trials with which you are faced, through lack of time to complete your projected goals on the physical plane before returning to the spirit realm.


   We wish to encourage in our friends an extend life span through improved physical, mental and spiritual well-being. In the meantime, we share with you an acceleration of the expanded awareness which is within your own grasp and the progress of which is under your control.


Choosing Your Path


   The ladder path is for all Questers. Originally developed to provide exactly what its name implies, it is a safe system of training by which you may ascend the path of Initiation step by step. At no time does it narrow your essential appreciation of all life on the planet, lessen your respect for all sentient beings or diminish reverence for the Deity, you discover instead, that your participation in life-expression is broadened and this is as it should be.


   All true paths converge their highest-level, but a subject not generally dwelt upon is, that a method of training which may be quite suitable for one individual can be completely wrong for another. Following the wrong path, although not necessarily a negative path, may result in a loss of precious time and energy to the Quester concerned.


   Your choice of which path to follow may have been made many incarnations ago, but lacking continuity of consciousness, the disruption caused by cycles of death and rebirth may have disturbed the path of training you originally chose. Then you repeat a pattern of returning to the beginning of various paths, instead of continuing with a one upon which you have already made some progress. This may not be out of choice; it sometimes results from a lack of opportunity or unavailability.


   Most true paths owe their inception to the source of the Ladder Path and may still contain fragments which are compatible with its philosophy. Therefore, no precious time is lost in its study, for true paths are compatible with it. You may attune yourself to the practice of its philosophy, safe in the knowledge that eventually, it will bring you to the notice of a senior disciple who will make his presence known to you, perhaps by impression or guidance in your studies during the sleep state and who may eventually contact you consciously.


   Please remember however, spiritual training is not a competition, your progress is your own concern and recognition by an Elder Brother should not be exploited like a medal won on the battlefield. Also to be taken into consideration is the fact that just because there is no particular conflict of ideology, it does not imply that you can necessarily expect exact patterns of training to follow suit. As we have stated elsewhere, essential changes have been introduced in updating the system over a very long a period of time, whenever they have proven necessary. These changes are equally essential for the Questers amongst humankind to practice, if they wish to radiate the Light of the Hierarchy in the 21st century.


Centers of Light


   It is understandable that Questers in search of truth yearn to reach the spiritual center from which all true teaching originates. It is even more understandable that they wish to remain close to a center of Light in what sometimes appears to be a darkening world, but we assure you, there are centers of Light which we call Power Houses founded by the great planetary center of Shamballa, there are-ashrams of the Hierarchy also, which are much closer geographically to most of you than those of the Gobi Desert. Because they are not visible to normal eyesight does not invalidate their presence, you cannot see radio waves either, yet who would argue their existence.


   Very often, there are hidden esoteric groups located near a Power House that expresses a very high degree of spiritual evolution. Their members do not necessarily participate within the inner body of the work, yet they contribute very importantly to the overall success of the ongoing project by acting as intermediaries with the outside world. These disciples very often sacrifice their own work and even their own lives in times of political chaos, by diverting attention away from their Elder Brethren so that the great work of the Divine Plan may continue on interrupted.


   We have written about the Power Houses before (The Sea Gods- After Atlantis Chapter 22), but we are releasing a little more information at this time to encourage serious Questers, because it is possible as you advance in your training to attune yourself to the vibration of a particular Power House and draw upon that power for altruistic purpose, whether directly or indirectly.


Fact vs. Fantasy


   It is no mystery that the Power Houses are truly those which in reality represent the Nth degree of wish fulfillment on behalf of the beginning Quester. But let us examine both fact and fantasy.


   It is true that Power Houses are usually located it in somewhat inaccessible areas. It stands to reason that if these locations are so secret, is because discovery by in unenlightened or ambition-motivated individual could present a danger to all concerned. It is indeed a truism that sometimes disaster can result from sheer folly with an even greater ease than is accomplished through deliberate intent.


   The Masters dwelling within their walls practice the Natural Laws of the cosmos as well as those of the planet. The Magi or more precisely, the Cosmic Scientists, involved, do not seek trainees. Only those Initiates whose character have been tempered by the steel of diversity and are already well-trained as Masters of logic or concentration in action; can gain access to participate in this great work. They must be able to accustom themselves to separation from mankind’s concept of “time.“


   It is also to preserve the safety of the Quester in the outside world that these secrets are so well guarded. The Initiates of the secrets and the Masters of their practice working within the power lodges do not seek to rule the world, but to serve it. The same cannot be said of many men who might attempt to compromise the Questers integrity upon his or her return to the outside world, if they suspect possession of such secrets.


   There is indeed a sense of mystery, which serves only to enhance the respectful awe accorded to any disciple who is said to have gained entrance to or received training within even the outer sanctuary of one of the ashrams.


   But this sense of mystery which is so fascinating from a distance, soon loses its savor for the Quester when he learns that the deeper he penetrates into the well kept secrets of it even an outer sanctuary, the less possible it is to return to the outside world when he wants to, to broadcast his “acceptance into hallowed territory“ if he is not deemed ready to do so. There is not the same thrill in sharing common day-to-day labors with senior disciples who are unimpressed by the occult gossip and who reserve their joyful approval for those who deserve it.



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