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The Adept and the Path



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Finding the Path


The laws are eternal,

 Their implementation evolves.




Where no Evil Dwells


   Where no evil dwells, might very well define the purpose of the Power Lodges. This is not an empty descriptive phrase, it is a fact. It is because nothing impure can remain or survive untransmuted within a Power House, it is mandatory that no incarnate entities may enter unless of a requisite degree of evolutionary stature that will guarantee their safety. The automatic transmutation of any impurity which remains in an intruding individual’s aura naturally results in the termination of their present incarnation, however sincere their purpose might be in entering this sanctum uninvited.


   The work which is accomplished within the inner sanctuaries requires such precise and intense concentrated skill, there is no room for selfish aims or self-centeredness. Only the Higher Self, concentrating all ones being in one-pointed self-sacrifice, completely unselfconscious of sacrifice, can use these techniques in safety.


   The forces which are concentrated and accumulated, are transmuted by teams of Initiates, who are guided by the One Who Knows in the techniques of attracting and neutralizing harmful energies, so often released by planet Earth’s inhabitants themselves. Through a miraculous alchemic effort, these energies are transmuted into a beneficent life-support system which is employed as a counterbalance to the planets woes. Even radiation can be converted by this method into a healing force, provided it is transmuted and released gradually. Some of these transmutations are discussed in the chapters concerning the magical work of the Triunes.


   When an emergency of great magnitude occurs in addition to the ongoing state of crisis, the Magi may judge themselves to be too few in number to accomplish the necessary conversion immediately. They then wait for that precise moment of magic when their powers reach their climax, before setting their process of energy conversion into practice, confident of complete success.


Magic of the Power Houses


   The magic of the Power Houses is a subject of continuing interest to the neophyte, as is the work which is accomplished within all elevated centers of occult activity on Earth. Many of you will have noticed in your conversation with those who profess to be seeking the Way, that the more elementary the spiritual and mental equipment the individual may possess, the more fascinating does such advanced activity become within the imagination of that individual. It is said, “distance makes the heart grow fonder,“ so does the gap between wishing and becoming lend enchantment, glamour and mystery, perhaps that is as it should be if it encourages anyone to take that first upon the Path.


   Of this mystery now, I must attempt to interpret fact for you, as I think that the time is well upon us for expanding the vision of the Quester, so that from the very beginning of your search for training, you can prepare yourself to participate in the tasks ahead.


   The problems of yesteryear have already become simple exercises for the power lodges of today. From which statement you will glean the obvious fact that if this is so, the advanced projects of today are vastly more difficult than those of yesteryear and perhaps will prove to be even more problematical tomorrow. So is as well to convey to sincerely interested Questers now, that if they truly wish to participate in the great work of the future when they are trained, there is no time to waste in idle speculation, useless daydreaming or dissipating your energy in advertising your hopes, less yet is there room for would-be disciples who are interested in self glorification, they might as well as choose a less thorny path of progress, a slower path perhaps, but one which they are less likely to fail.


   There is no glory attached to becoming a member of a Power House. Adepts are warmly welcomed, but adulation is not forthcoming from either your peers or those who are more spiritually evolved than you. It is from fiction makers residing on the physical plane, who raise false expectations of dreams of “power attained with ease“ and “holiness practiced without intelligence,“ that these senseless vibrations of adulation and self aggrandizement originate.


   To participate in the work of the Magi, manipulate force responsibly, transmuting energy knowledgeably, direct creative power wisely, while harmonizing and balancing the natural effects of destructive change successfully, requires not only that you have trodden the Path of Purification and achieved the level of initiatory capability which is essential to withstand such tremendous psychological pressure, it also necessitates that a practical guarantee of common sense in the Nth degree remains in place under all conditions. Listen carefully to the words of the One Who Knows.


Our Work is this:


   To balance on the inner planes the long-term effects of the negative results of all error brought into manifestation on the physical and on the astral planes. To accomplish this, we express and practice the positive Laws of Transmutation and counter negative fields of expression wherever they may be initiated, for they tend to expand indefinitely, unless checkmated by a counteracting force.


   We are also intermediaries. Between us, we form a nucleus of beneficent power that is dynamically recharged from the Inner Planes, before we reflect it onto the physical plane. We in turn, defuse much of the negative activity of the physical plane before it can result in chaotic disruption.


   This is an ongoing process which does not rest. Many of the Magi are interchangeable with Masters who dwell on the plane of the Nirmanakayas, whose safety, because of their essential nature, is not compromised as they come and go. Therefore, our groups include an interesting membership which is always in the process of acquiring, as well as disseminating knowledge to be used with wisdom.


   There is really no problem too complex to solve. Yet we must admit there are sometimes difficult to Human units who do not always wish to perceive solution. They seek protection within the folly of their “blindness“ because of its familiarity and are startled by fresh ideology and afraid to trust it.


   Not all the Power Houses concentrate upon the same area of work. Some are concerned only with the well-being of the planet and its treatment at the hands of its Human guests and are not really concerned with humankind itself. Other lodges are adept at the highest form of planetary cleansing by concentrated intensity of abstract thought.


   There are some Power Houses whose members wield magnetic currents, to revitalize and intensify the directed thought waves of the Indwelling Intelligence as expressed by the Nature Spirits. There are others also, whose practitioners can change weather patterns where and when they wish to do so. For a much needed change of vibration to occur temporarily. There are still other Power Houses whose Initiates work closely with the Deva Evolution and the evolution of the Angels.


   There are Magi who concentrate upon purifying the “thought zones“ emanating from mankind’s subconscious so that mankind’s intellectual and spiritual potentials are not subjected indefinitely to artificial separation caused by confusion and bewilderment.


   While thought forms are often directed more or less consciously or even personalized by a focus of wishful thought projection, a thought zone is much more difficult for average man to recognize and registered as such. Average man more often than not, becomes enveloped in a thought zone that he response to, because it contains some mental substance which finds a basis of approval or agreement within his subconscious mind.


   Surges of racial hatred are negative examples of a thought zone which becomes self-proliferating if not curbed. There are also, happily, thought zones emanating from mankind’s subconsciousness which are far less deadly, such as waves of sentiment which sometimes engulf large groups of people when watching a beautiful wedding for instance, harmless and welcome because of the goodwill generated.


   Of course, there are other many specializations. All Magi within the power lodge’s hold the safety of this world in their consciousness and because of their history of sacrifice on behalf of the Truth That Is Above All Truths, by their intersession the Earth is, as a world which sustains somewhat primitive life, both tolerated sadly and patiently assisted by Earth’s forbearers in the cosmos.


   So, younger brethren, if you wish to penetrate more deeply into the mysteries than is achieved by the mere spinning of words, direct your present life-experience, it can possibly uplift and transport you into the inner sanctum of a power lodge, to join in the practice of perfecting that which is imperfect. Your welcome is assured, the more so because the way ahead is long and arduous.


   I would have you know that the joy of sharing your attainment with those who already arrived, is an all consuming joy understood only by those who have already achieved the life of the pure mind, the pure Magi.


   Please remember, you do not need to buy that which cannot be bought. What you are, is the only key that will open the door through which you who are accepted will eventually pass. Pass on in truth and love, do not be discouraged, your Path will not disappear when you falter.




Your goal remains in wait today,

As it has always done and

As it will tomorrow,



To welcome you home


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