Helping the Emotional Body to Use the Third Dimension



   Your emotional body learns very rapidly, that is true, it may not be able to hold the perspective that it has learned but it learns rapidly. We can utilize then this strength in the learning area and let us do this through the following exercise:


   See a green circle which represents the emotional body. It is there before-you- you are visualizing it-now is it large enough that you can take your physical body into it? So I now ask you to visualize this large green circle and then literally step into it. Now it is also thick enough that you can get inside of it and you know that you are then surrounded on the physical plane by this green focus that represents your emotional body at its ideal level and in its wholeness. It is a complete reference to the emotional body as you then stand within the green circle. All of its potential comes into you-you have allowed the whole perspective of your emotional potential to come into you. 


   Now as you stand within this green circle sense in the heart chakra an opening.  Literally the energy that is coming in from the green circle is certainly surrounding the physical body. It is also pouring into the heart area on the etheric (chakra) level as well as the physical level. Literally you can now allow now an unlimited amount of energy to come into the heart area you will either sense it physically or know that the heart is expanding. There will be a sense of activity in that area and that activity is the use of the emotions that come through the physical perspective and then are energized as a whole perspective and then placed within the heart and therein lies the important point here; you will remember the material that I have just given in that the emotional body has an affinity for the fourth dimension that it is not very well integrated within the third dimension. By seeing it as a whole symbolically within the third dimension and then standing within that green circle which represents your whole emotional potentiality within the third dimension you bring together for the emotional body the understanding that it can “get its act together “ in the third dimension and as I said, it learns very rapidly thus as it unites perspective within the third dimension it can pour that integrated response into the heart area. Now, integration and the heart are very compatible and because the energy is integrated the Heart responds very readily to it, it is very sensitive to such an integrated response, opens easily and well and then begins to send out a radiating effect within the third dimensional spectrum and that is important because it begins to build within the third dimension an integrated vehicle through your heart area and that it can be an important key that has been missing for many you. You could call it the missing link-that you skip to the fourth dimension before being able to access very much of the emotional wholeness or integrated response that you are seeking.  You have left out integration within the third dimension and remember-you can not really throw anything away, you can’t skip over anything, leave anything out or throw anything away-the goal is-integration of everything into the creative core-everything must be included and if you have not included something then you, perhaps at one point or another, are allowed to go back and pick it up again and thus include it. 


   There is no way to leave anything out. It must be included so perhaps the most important thing that you are seeking to understand emotionally is that you can have an integrated response emotionally within the third dimension. Now, some of you then take the emotional body to the fourth dimension and it works quite well there for you.  It may not be completely integrated; in point of fact-it is not but there is more ability to utilize a larger or more integrated part of than within the third dimension. 


   Now, those of you that consider yourself to be quite emotional, you have emotional responses that come forth easily; you do have your emotional body mostly focused in the fourth dimension. Those of you that consider yourself to be mental in responses have buried your emotions; you see you have the have the mental body then focused on the fifth dimension and the fifth sees structure and thus it is really literally, in the fullest sense, trying to balance your whole life including the emotional body. But the emotional body in order to be balanced needs to also utilize the third dimension as well as the fourth and literally what occurs if you are burying your emotions is the emotions are caught literally between the third and the fourth or between fourth and the fifth, you could say they fall through the cracks-they get buried there and you don’t validate them.  You cannot enlarge or view them in the third dimension because they are not truly functioning there and you cannot get into the flow them in the fourth dimensional sense because they aren’t there either-they have fallen through the cracks between the third and the fourth or between the fourth and the fifth dimensions.


   Now, certain analysis that we may give to you may show them functioning in a particular dimension, we really have not developed an analysis tool that shows emotions falling through the cracks but in the buried sense this is true in many times we can see the effect by knowing that they don’t flow at all, they are simply buried and what they are buried in is the non-use of a structure within which to function. You are not using them and therefore they are not in a particular structure at all. Now, this is perhaps simplifying in a sense, meaning that there are some of you that again have this fractured response, part of the emotions are buried dimensionally and part are not so there may be a “mixed bag“ effect or this further splitting of the emotional body.  Remember then, that the dimensions are the vehicle within which the consciousness functions and if you use them to bury a response then you no longer have them as a carrier of the emotions or whatever other point of consciousness we may be discussing. 


   Our subject is the emotional body but keep in mind that in the sense of looking at the dimensions and how one responds to them. We could give you information on all of the bodies and how they function dimensionally; in point of fact, I intend to do just that, helping you to relate to the four body system which is the spectrum of your consciousness and its vibrational flow as we look at it specifically in regard to certain sections of it. 


   Again, you could equate your consciousness to a whole divided into four pieces and you would have your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical perspective and even if you are not functioning physically at the moment, which of course you are, but even when you are not-there is within that whole perspective a part of you which either has been or will be physical because on the spiritual level you are not in sequential time so there is always a physical perspective, and least in the way that Source has divided up energy within this cosmic days experience. We do need to see that the framework is different for each cosmic day experience-but in the one that we are currently experiencing and for, let us say, quite a number preceding days there has been a physical point of view. 


   It is important as you stand within this green circle and accept into your heart chakra the energy of this whole circle that you feel your physical body, that you know literally you are standing in the third dimension. You do not want to get it into the fourth dimension entirely. Now, of course, in relating to the chakra level it enters the fourth dimension and that’s all right, but allow it to be a multidimensional experience. You are including also, because a of the structure of the chakra system, the fifth dimension but what you are all learning to do, although we haven’t discussed it yet, is to be of multi dimensional. To use, let us say, the integrated way of relating dimensionally using strengths of each dimension together in an integrated focus which of course is what the Source is able to do. But for awhile we take the process apart-we look at it specifically in each area to see what needs to be more clearly understood and then we awaken to the fact that all of this is simultaneous, that there is no sequential point of view at all, except for the learning of the “how to make it work clearly“ process and I say that is quite important. 


   All of you understand that spiritually there is only the eternal now and that is an absolute point of view that you will recognize more and more as you gain a clearer understanding of how the divine process works. However, the Source has developed a method which we call physical existence which is sequential so they you may progress your understanding of how to utilize the process. That does not mean that after physical existence there isn’t still a learning format but it is not the same, it is not sequential because by the time you have gained an understanding of the process, let us say of the structure, of the dimensional structure and how to use it simultaneously or in an integrated sense that dimensional structure becomes supportive then of your conscious expansion. The expansion then takes place not by unfolding particular aspects one step at a time but as an integrated sense so that you step to a rhythm or a beat that is illuminating but it is not sequential.  


   Now, to really understand that, one must begin to view and open themselves to the process of what integration truly means and how to become an integrated being/personality. The physical plane and the four body system allows your spiritual perspectives, as you recognize them on the physical plane, and your mental perspectives, emotional perspective, and physical perspective to create your life in a balanced manner. This is the key to understanding the integrative manner of creating which opens up the whole spectrum of understanding concerning development that is spiraling but is not sequential. There is a need then to glimpse what integration truly means before you can grasp non-sequential evolution. 


   Going back now to our example of allowing the emotional body in its third dimensional integrated state to input energy to your Heart as you continue to allow it, and I would say it is important to sit in this space in that green circle and allow it for about 15 minutes a day, three to four days a week until it becomes anchored.  Now, you may activate some old patterns by doing this, perhaps there are still some beliefs that say it is difficult to open your heart, or  that “it  just doesn’t work out.“ This is your emotional body recalling past experiences that you may have attached certain values to and you are bringing them forth as a sense of experience. Remember that each time you choose to experience an event it is to expand your ability to express through all the bodies your integration for that event which may seem identical but in truth is a new level of expression.



   Perhaps there is not a reality level yet as to what that really means. For some of you there is a sense of betrayal that may manifest from so opening or a fear of the unknown. Thus trust must join our visualizations as a tool to allow the positive response from the heart after the energy is input to it through your emotional body’s integrated state within the third dimension. Some of these sensations are experiences from connected other aspects of your  integrated Personality. As you spiral upward in your personal evolution you will upon reflections during these experiences catch glimpses of other such events in other life threads that you allow those strands to integrate with those with which you express through now to allow a wider base for that opening and do create a more focused or mature personality.







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Channeled by Janet McClure

Edited by Lillian Harben


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