Initiation and the Planes




 Instinctive E-S-P is

Converted to Intuitive E-S-P

 If combined with a trained intellect. 



2nd  Initiation-Reformation

Plane of Intellect and the Plane of Intuition





   The 2nd  initiation is called the Reformation and is related to you, the Quester, reforming what ever areas of your life are necessary for you to achieve  satisfactory balance and alignment of your physical, emotional and mental bodies.  It is related to the awakening of the Heart Chakra, which at this time, continues to represent a point of balance and the midway mark for most of aspiring mankind, although when the majority of mankind has awakened the higher chakras, the point of balance will be to move to the Throat Chakra, initiating a more spiritual influence on Earth.


   It is taken for granted that since the awakening of your Solar Plexus Chakra, you are continuing in your efforts to develop the intellectual area of your life. It is this effort which, when it is balanced with the awakening of your Heart Chakra, assists in converting the instinctive skills of E-S-P attributed to the Throat Chakra, into the intuitive skills of E-S-P attributed to the awakened Brow Chakra, leading and encouraging Man in his quest for higher consciousness and his Higher Self. If we give the impression of duality, it is quite unintentional. The little self and the Higher Self are recognized as related to each other in the same way as your feet and your head belong to your body. You as the thinker are able to walk instinctively, almost without thinking, but you are also able to think while walking. 


   Following the awakening of your Heart Chakra, your physical sense of taste associated with the balance of Intellect and Intuition is elevated to the higher harmonics of Healing. The higher harmonic of your sense of smell expresses itself as Comprehensive Awareness, a subtle attribute which you may fail to register at first, because of distraction or lack of serenity in your life. Your sense of touch begins to express itself as Psychometry. The senses of hearing and sight, are elevated from initial Clairaudience and Clairvoyance and began to express the higher skills of Clairaudience and faint glimmerings of Higher Clairvoyance. 


Your 10 senses increased to 15 plus


   Your goal is to train your intellect and nurture your budding intuition, so that they may be used as compatible expressions of your consciousness, in doing so, your E-S-P will intensify and you progress swiftly beyond the intellectual faculty.


   The pitfall to be avoided is the addiction to the practice of your newly won skills and attachment to its results. 


   One of the attributes which may begin to express itself at this time is healing power and by its practice, you may find that you attract not only those who wish for healing, but a certain amount of popularity as well. 


   We have spoken elsewhere of the demands which are sometimes made upon an individual whose Heart Chakra is energized, but we have not discussed all the attendant pitfalls. It is possible to become attached to the “aura of service“ which may surround the Quester as the result of successful healing practice, while the need to be acknowledged as a superior individual by ones followers sometimes arouses an exhibitionist streak in the healers character. 


   In exaggerated form, it has been known to transform a person expressing an      “aura of service “ into a personage exuding an “odor of sanctity,“ but sometimes the closer that surface appearance approximates sanctity, the less likely one is to become a saint. 


   Attachment to the results of one’s skills sometimes lead one into the field of dangerous rescue work before one is ready, particularly if one refuses to  acknowledge that some healing feats are beyond one’s present skills. Yet if you become a proficient healer and remain unattached to the results of your skills, you discover that you can accomplish a great deal at this level, provided you do not overreach yourself and are prepared to postpone more ambitious work until your Brow Chakra is awakened. Unobtrusively, successful rescue work on a primary level of endurance is possible and can function, when you encompass a needy entity within your aura, and projecting a mini-environment of goodwill and blessing….  



3rd Initiation-Restoration


Plane of Intuition and the Buddhic Plane




   The 3rd  Initiation involves the energizing of the Throat Chakra. It is named the Restoration because it’s attainment emphasizes the restoration of the mysteries. I  believe I cannot do better than to repeat words that I have used previously- “the plane of intuition which merges with the Buddhic plane, provides for those who are able to work within their influence while yet in the physical body, the unique experience of balancing the import of that which is received intuitionally from sources which are active on and above those planes, with the knowledge already gained or registered by the intuition from the lower planes, as well as the opportunity of applying that which you need to know, if you wish to serve in the furtherance of the planets good.“


   In your efforts to serve and your sensitivity to what is needed in that service, all your senses will respond at your optimum concentration and when the higher harmonics of those senses are called into action, they will upgrade from 15 to 20 in number. 


   We now come to those siddhis so dearly beloved by Questers-the higher harmonic of the physical plane sense of hearing, expresses itself as Spiritual Comprehension on the higher planes, fully supported by the skills of higher clairaudience.


   A higher harmonic of the sense of smell will begin to express itself as spiritual perception, the sense of touch as spiritual telepathy, the sense of taste is intuition, while the higher harmonic of the sense of sight provides faint glimmers as yet of Divine Vision. 


   Your goal is to balance wisely, that which you receive intuitional on the higher planes with what you have already learned on the lower planes. 


   The pitfall one must avoid is in being tempted to use your E-S-P, indiscriminately, indiscreetly and unwisely. Let us examine what is meant by the last three words or so. 


   Indiscriminately! You walk a tight rope of the integrity for instance, if a murderer approaches you for psychic help. You would be justified in advising him how to amend his karma, but if he requests guidance concerning how best to escape the law, your discrimination is advised. If he is guilty, he might as well settle his karmic debt now, rather than later. 


    Indiscreetly! Are you justified in advising others in affairs of the heart, when it helps the individual who is perhaps unworthy of help to achieve their heart’s desire and cause anguish to an innocent by your action? You are well advised to use your discretion and ascertain who is the aggrieved and who is the innocent and such matters before you involve yourself in their karmic future. 


   Unwisely! Are you treading the Right-hand path when you use your skills to help someone who lacks for nothing on the material plane, to make a financial killing at the expense of less fortunate investors?


   These are all matters of conscience which cannot be avoided in the outcome by pleading that after all, you only told of those individuals would you could see psychically and at their request. When you counsel others by using your E-S-P, you must avoid falling into the pitfall of becoming an accessory after the fact which may lead to unsavory results and it repercussions which perhaps are not yet revealed to you.


4th Initiation-Renunciation

Buddhic Plane



   The fourth initiation is called the Renunciation and leads you to ingress on the Buddhic plane.


   Your senses are sharpened and their application on the Middle Way involves avoidance of entrapment that is quite subtle in its implication. You may be so impressed by your newly acquired insight, that in your enthusiasm to join with the truly wise in their wisdom, you become tempted to interfere unwisely,“ for their own good and well being,“ of course, in the karma of others. In so doing you can wreak the havoc that is an ever present danger from those who are resident upon the physical plane and from those who are resident upon the physical plane and who yearn to epitomize that wisdom which is truly, “like a mountain top that can be seen but has not yet been climbed.”


   The sharpening of your senses, your newly acquired intensity of concentration, your skill yet in its infancy of blending wisely, accurately and perceptively the many facets of any one fact from many sources decisively, without the intrusion of personal opinion, provide the springboard to further development of the higher senses, now twenty-five in number. 


   The physical sense of sight related to the Buddhic plane is expressed on a higher harmonic in the attainment of realization. Divine Vision is established and deepening awareness of your own work as related to the Divine Plan. The harmonic of physical smell now expresses itself as Knowledge gained-acquired in what ever fields are necessary for the Questors field of endeavor.


   The physical sense of touch expresses itself on a higher turn of the spiral as planetary psychometry which may lead you to active service on the planets behalf. The physical sense of taste is experienced on a higher turn of the spiral as Perfected Endeavor and the sense of physical hearing on this high turn of the spiral expresses itself as the Beatitude of the Mystic. 


   Your goal is to blend wisely and perceptively, the many facets of the fact received from any source, without intruding your personal viewpoint. 


   The pitfall is the temptation to impart your newly acquired wisdom to all and sundry, including those who are truly wise, thus impinging your inexperience upon their valuable efforts and delaying the working out of karmic patterns.  Interference in the karma of others must be avoided. Because you perceive and comprehend with greater facility than ever before, you may feel compelled to reorganize other people’s lives for them whether they like it or not at this stage of the path.


   It is difficult to understand when one is well meaning, that one is still confined to a level of judgment colored by a lack of overview that is available to initiates of higher standing. 


   Your responsibility lies in cooperating with the Masters at this time, harmonizing with the ongoing evolutionary concepts that may be working out in many unseen ways and to Questers on the physical plane, in sometimes unforeseen ways. 


   When you register an individuals need, attune to your senior colleagues before setting modifying patterns of rectitude in motion that you may find difficult to resolve to the individuals satisfaction, otherwise you may leave them worse off than they were before. 


   This is a stage in your training also, where your enthusiasm may urge you to preach at your colleagues, whether they are treading the path or not and whether they are ahead or behind you. Do not nullify the value of your message by your attitude. You must ask yourself at such times, whether your desire to share your new found spiritual insight arises from your colleagues desire to hear what you have to say or your desire to tell them?



Ingress by Teaching—Mysticism



   The 4th Initiation and provides ingress to the buddhic plane and eventually leads to Adeptship. The name of this initiation is important, renunciation. What is it that is to be renounced?


Two major attitudes mark this renunciation. 


1.  First, you may find that acquaintances, friends or even family members who cannot accept your search for your Higher Self, may drift out of your life in critical disapproval, this is your subjective experience of renunciation. 


2. Second you may need to renounce the practice of your skills of seership in order to ascend to the higher practice of those same skills on a higher turn of the spiral. Non-attachment to your skills of seership often precludes the above condition in practical terms, presenting no perceptible break in one’s expression of seership as one progresses.




   One of the debts one must avoid, is delaying an individual who is working out their karma (unasked), by interfering to help them out of sympathy; a temptation indeed, but one must always balance practical help with spiritual needs. 


   The above does not encourage you to refuse help that is requested; on the contrary, neither does it preclude you from providing assistance when impressed to do so by your spiritual mentors. It does discourage you from superimposing your “way“ of working or your personal solution upon unwilling recipients, because it may be a superior method. 


   Another area of concern which must be monitored is the responsibility to those one helps, which may involve a continuance of watchful care, even to sustaining a devotee at a time of transition from his or her physical body. 


    Then there is the penalty of fame to  which a genuine Master is often subjected when “discovered“ by the general public. One becomes the object of desire-imagery and the subject of the verb “to want“ put into practice. Everyone wants something to do with you, wants something from you, wants to do something for you whether you want it done or not, wants to protect you from other seekers—imprisoned is sometimes a more precise term, wants to bribe you and wants to own you. 


   There is little protection in spite of your skills, from spiritual failures who may attempt to raise the statures of their own self- importance by pulling you down to their level—unfortunately, it is somewhat a Human failing to believe that, “ there is no smoke without fire. “ All you can do in such a situation is to draw a deep breath, psychologically speaking and seek deep within yourself for your purpose in being. This is one reason that it is essential to protect one’s integrity at all times and continue one’s path—awakening and energizing the higher centers of authority, power, wisdom and prophecy so that once spiritual stamina is reinforced by communication with the highest planes of Earth at all times. 


   The choice of subject for the 4th Initiation was determined by the need to present an Initiate who was only dwelling on the physical plane at the present time, but is more or less accessible to Questers. This we believe, eliminates the sense of distance which imposes itself when studying an Initiate from the past, a problem which is solved for us by it the spiritual expertise of our Historians. 


   We apologize for omitting women initiates from these few encapsulated biographies. This is not due to neglect, but it was caused in part by the absence of reliable background material for Questers to pursue for themselves. 


   There have been many women saints since the Deluge and several occultists have become known to the general public in the last hundred years or so, but women’s deterioration position in society during the present Age gives lie to their previous importance and authority. You will realize this for yourself and consider the expression of equality between the sexes which survived in some of the Atlantean colonies of ancient Egypt,  ancient Greece, and Etruria, even the Celts compared with today. 


   There are various pertinent reasons underlying this more or less recent tread.  Of course, there are and have been many advanced women initiates, but they have preferred to remain secure in their anonymity, working behind the scenes, or simplifies their life-expression by reincarnating in male form. This pattern is changing and will continue to change. There are some surprising incarnations taking female form on the physical plane at this time, a trend which will continue during the first quarter of the next century.  



Training of an Adept

The Ladder Path

Valerie Bonwick and Jonathan Bigras

Pages 232-252



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