Initiation and the Planes



Fifth Initiation-Revelation

Threshold of Nirvana

Land of the Golden Light


You are the summation of

All that you have ever done and

All that you have ever been.






   Well named, the fifth initiation is a revelation. What is revealed to the initiate? The opportunity to learn the answer to every question that you have ever pondered in your mind or searched for in your heart, is the least of your revelation. The full realization of how very far you have advanced in your quest, is somewhat of a shock when you look back, not only after present life to date, but at your past lives, the records of which you will be able to view while still incarnate on the physical plane. 


   The five senses, allied with E-S-P and raised to higher harmonics by reason of their refinement and intense but judicious use, are now 25 in number. 


   The training and which was yours to pursue in past chapters, provides a synthesis of all the sensory degrees. This resultant synthesis, using energy that is the equivalent of your skills of E-S-P on a higher turn of the spiral, provides a twenty-sixth sense, which is your key to the planes beyond. This system of self development, by no means implies a limit to the extension of your capabilities which are infinite, it concerns only that stretch of the Way that is ahead, which you need to master in order to master yourself. 


   Your goal is to register and synthesize all the you have learned, to exemplify the highest values in your own person, in your thoughts, by your words and from your deeds, to use what you have learned from the physical, astral and higher planes wisely, in the service of mankind. 


   The pitfall to be avoided is vanity. I am sure many Questers will ask if there are any pitfalls to be wary of once this initiation has been passed? While you are resident on the physical plane, you are always subject to impingement by lower vibration that my cling to you if you’re not very careful. The fact that this initiation has been passed is in itself a triumph of which any Quester would be justly proud. Perhaps it would be a rational viewpoint to state that a little vanity is well-deserved and not totally out of place, but such is not so. Vanity is the most insidious flaw which like the “odor of sanctity “ eventually permeates the aura of and most certainly prevents any further progress. 


    The final test related to this initiation which is quite often experienced by Questors who are resident on the physical plane is the test of power, both before and after initiation. Before initiation there may be such subtle tests that the Questers may not even be aware of them. For instance there may be opportunities to exert authority involving material pressure affecting others that are legal but unfair, to demand help by applying emotional blackmail, even appealing to someone’s sympathy may be used as a gentle weapon of manipulative power. The wisdom of non- attachment to the advantages of welding the rod of power, is eventually rewarded with the responsibility of power, then the rod of power because yours to wield while wearing the crown of wisdom.







Synthesizing of the Senses

The Higher Initiations



   It is the Crown Chakras energizing and fifth initiation that began the true practice of the synthesis of the senses and the acquirement of the 26th sense. This practice and its results necessarily vary from Quester to Quester. Similarly to the lack of hard demarcation boundaries between the planes, the higher harmonics of the senses blend one into another. Sometimes also, because of various reasons there may be a lack of proficiency in one or the other of the higher harmonics of the senses which wait to be developed later on.


   There is a graded path however, which connects the awakening of the Chakras, the development of higher harmonics of the physical senses and their relationship to ingress on the planes. The practice of the higher qualities associated with the awakened centers of consciousness lays the foundation for acquiring the attributes related to them when they are energized. This, united with the faculty of mind and service to the planet, insures that the Quester progresses safely and responsibly on the Path. 


Sense of Smell and its Higher Harmonics


   The physical sense of smell is related to your Root Chakra. This sense intensifies when your Splenic Chakra which is related to the astral planes, becomes active. 


   Creative imagination, the higher harmonic of the sense of smell is exercised and stirred into more intense activity when your Solar Plexus Chakra, related to the lower and higher mental planes, is energized. 


   Comprehensive awareness, influenced by the intellectual-intuitional planes is indicated when your Heart Chakra becomes active. 


   Spiritual perception of the intuitional-Buddhic planes becomes possible when your Throat Chakra is awakened and energized. 


   Knowledge gained is yours when your Brow Chakra, which is related to the buddhic plane, is energized. 


Synthesis of the 26th sense


   Spiritual knowledge received from the spiritual plane is yours, when your Crown Chakra is awakened and energized. 



Sense of Touch and Feeling and its Higher Harmonics


   Physical sense of touch and feeling is related to your Solar Plexus Chakra. Its higher harmonics of telepathy is stirred into activity when that center of consciousness, related to the lower and higher mental planes, is energize. 


   The higher harmonic of psychometry begins to express itself when your Heart Chakra, related to the intellectual-intuitional planes is awakened. 


   Spiritual telepathy becomes possible when your Throat Chakra, related to the intuitional-Buddhic planes, is awakened.


   Planetary psychometry is yours to be explored when your Brow Chakra, related to the Buddhic planes, is energized. 


Synthesis of the 26th sense


   Planetary empathy attained by attunement to the spiritual planes becomes yours when your Crown Chakra is awakened and energized. 


Sense of Taste and its Higher Harmonics


    The physical sense of taste is related to your Heart Chakra.

 Healing power expresses itself with your Heart Chakra is energized, based upon the sound foundation of the chakras relationship to the intellectual-intuitional planes. 

   Discrimination between the pairs of opposites was already stirred into action when your Solar Plexus Chakra was awakened, now it is fully active. 


   Intuition manifests when your Throat Chakra, related to the intuitional-Buddhic planes, is awakened. 


Perfected endeavor is yours to pursue when your Brow Chakra, related to the Buddhic plane, is energized. 


Synthesis of the 26th  sense


Perfected manifestation becomes possible when your awakened Crown Chakra, related to the spiritual planes, is energized.


Sense of Hearing and its Higher Harmonics


The physical sense of hearing is related to your Throat Chakra. 


Spiritual comprehension is yours when your Throat Chakra, related to the intuitional-Buddhic planes, is awakened and energized. 


Your clairaudience was sensitized and higher clairaudience stirred into activity when your Solar Plexus and your Heart Chakra were energized, they are now fully active. 


The Beatitude of the Buddhic Plane is yours when your Brow Chakra is energized.


   Synthesis of the 26th sense


Illumination from the spiritual planes is yours when your Crown Chakra is awakened and energized. 


Sense of Seeing and its Higher Harmonics


   The physical sense of seeing -sight is related to your Brow Chakra. 


Realization is yours when you awaken and energize your Brow Chakra, related to the Buddhic planes.


Clairvoyance, higher clairvoyance and Divine Vision were each stirred into awakening by the energizing of your Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat Chakra, they are now fully awake. 


Synthesis of the 26th  sense


At-One-Ment is received it through contact with the spiritual planes when your Crown chakra is awakened and energized. 


Synthesis of the 26th sense expressed as power on many levels, ensures that the Quester who attains it is protected from ever again making mistakes on the physical plane. 


Faculty of Mind


The faculty of mind is related to your Crown Chakra and with the higher harmonics of the senses which resulted in the 26th sense, when they are synthesized, for instance. 


Authority related to the lower-mental planes


X-ray vision related to the intellectual-intuitional planes                              wisdom related to the intellectual-Buddhic planes


Love related to the Buddhic planes


All express themselves combined with power


   You will notice that each of the senses and its higher harmonics are subject to a gentle graduation-height and depth synonymous-the faster the vibration and the higher your frequency, the deeper you go within your consciousness. 


   The sense of smell ascends through creative imagination, comprehensive awareness, spiritual perception; knowledge gained and made your own, to become spiritual knowledge. 


   The physical sense of touch-feeling ascends through telepathy, psychometry, spiritual telepathy, planetary psychometry, to become planetary empathy. 


   The physical sense of taste ascends through discrimination between the pairs of opposites, healing power, intuition, perfected in endeavor, to become perfected manifestation in miracles. 


   The physical sense of hearing ascends through clear audience, higher              clairaudience, spiritual comprehension, beatitude, to become illumination. 


   The physical sense of seeing ascends through clairaudience, higher clairaudience, Divine Vision, Realization, to become At-One-Ment. 


    The above by no means includes all attributes. To do them justice requires yet more space, but it would be only fair to remark that spiritual knowledge includes prophecy when the Mid-Aura Chakra is energized, while miracles result from the higher harmonic of Perfected Manifestation when the Mid-Aura Chakra is energized. 


Land of the Golden Light


   A unique plane of consciousness, the Land of the Golden Light is symbolically located midway between the Hierarchy and Shamballa. It presents a meeting place with the conceptual direction received from Shamballa may be explored and integrated into active expression by the Hierarchy and from whence it will be reflected as an illuminating influence upon mankind. 


   Here are to be found the first level of Contemplatives known as the Nirmanakayas.


   We realize the statement that the land of the Golden Light is midway between Shamballa and the Hierarchy will provoke speculation and intelligent questions, particularly as to where this meeting place is?  


   The Land of the Golden Light remains an exceptional plane that corresponds to the state of being, where it is possible for initiates of various high degrees and parallel evolutions resident on planet Earth and its planes, to participate in exchange of original thought and combine their specific skills in patterns of enlightened effort. 


   Adepts and Masters of high degree meet there, the Wise Ones-lords of Shamballa, the Lords of the Rays and Lords of Karma step down their vibration to meet their also, the Hierarchy’s representatives modify their own vibrations and present a blending vibration of balance. It is here that the Mahadevas and the Archangels meet and initiates of the Mer and of course our own people.  


   This is the wonderful state of being where Initiates who have reached the stage on the path of graduating off planet receive that training which epitomizes the Nth degree of sophisticated spirituality.  I can sense some Questors raising their eyebrows-“spiritual sophistication! “ You may say unbelievingly, but to not confuse spirituality with naiveté. The Adept becomes an experienced philosopher before becoming Master, having acquired familiarity with ritual that includes ceremonial magic, devotion, scholarship, healing, seership and the wisdom of the sage, a Master is not naïve. 


   The Magi of the Power Houses visit the Land of the Golden Light to restore their mental vigor and the Nirmanakayas impart their genius when they awaken from their contemplation to meet with rest of us. 


   The fact that the Land of the Golden Light presents a common meeting ground for such diverse entities, certainly does not make for sameness, as you will realize from contemplating the fascinating groups of individuals already mentioned. The plane is colored by the frequency of vibration, the timbre of quality, the note sounded by the harmonic cord of authority and difference is enriched the more, by expressions of that cyclic  concept you call “ Time.  “


The Sixth Initiation-The Paths


   The sixth initiation is called the Paths because at this level of adeptship you may choose which of the Paths of Attainment you wish to follow, that path with which you are most compatible and for which you have been preparing for innumerable incarnations. 


   One of the wondrous rewards of restoring, reawakening, and re-energizing the Mid-Aura Chakra is that at last, you are free to roam the heavens beyond the ring-pass-not in waking, continuity of consciousness with full protection and the blessing of the Wise Ones.  


Prophecy is your quest attained


   True prophecy is possible on your part now. As one of results of manifesting, awakening and energizing your Mid-Aura Chakra, prophecy is intertwined with your continuity of consciousness, your ability to take an overview of situations, events, karmic debts and credits which are related to your world, your grasp of the Law of probabilities and your practice of Farsight. 


   Concerning the gifts of true prophecy, which we consider is only possible at the reawakening of the Mid-Aura Chakra-the Chalice, it is not implied that prophecy or prediction made by a Quester who has not passed the sixth Initiation is invalid or fraudulent. What it does mean is that prophecy will now be received firsthand, without the intercession of the intermediary. Most individuals who prophecy do so with the help of an intermediary, this intermediary maybe from a very high plane and present an impeccably high-level of prediction, but the prophecy is then subject to two levels of interpretation, thereby increasing the risk of misinterpretation. 


   We already discussed the subject prophecy in the Trilogy of Karmic Doctrine and the karma incurred by false profits as well as the karma attached to spiritual plagiarism. A third pitfall to avoid in your encounters is the self-appointed authority who practices spiritual name dropping, disseminating information or advice under the name of a well-known Teacher or Master said to be in communication with the poseur, of which there are two or three examples at the present time. This is pinpointed by the fact that some of the Masters when teaching on the physical plane, announced that they would not channel their work through anyone else publicly, once they or their contacting medium departed on the physical plane.  Of course, the argument could be made that they had changed their minds and sometimes they do, but when they do so, they usually assume a pseudonym or communicate under a name that they used in another incarnation, rather than cause confusion. 


Seventh Initiation-The Ascent


   The name of this initiation speaks for itself, yet it would be a misconception if the Quester were to think that life ahead is bland and lacking in interest. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, it is the mundane that is behind you.


   The Quester is so used to “ looking up,“ figuratively speaking of course, to his or her teachers, that it is natural to think of “looking down“ once one arrives at this stage of the path. But there’s always some greater light personified by a being greater than ourselves, to whom we may look up to for inspiration


    Let us look back a little.  When you were an aspirant making your Resolve, you perhaps looked enviously at a probationer who was awaiting or who had received the Response. Yet the probationer was looking longingly at the next stage of the path for which he or she was being prepared by a lesser disciple, one perhaps who had already passed the 1st  initiation of rebirth or the 2nd  initiation of the Reformation. Junior disciples may receive training from a more senior disciple who has passed the 3rd  initiation of Restoration and is already training with a Master to pass the 4th initiation, that of Renunciation, from which he or she will emerge as an adept in training. 


    The Adept in training may then work under the guidance of a more senior master, until the 5th  initiation of the Revelation is attained. Following this Path, the Adept will continue to practice and acquire experience before working alone.  At a later date the Adept may decide to pursue the Masters path, but all Questers on the path are Initiates from the very 1st  Initiation, are all are disciples in training for levels of spiritual progress yet to be reached. 


    Even the masters themselves continue to evolve and aspire to become Mahatmas, the word “aspirant“ was used with care, lest it be confused with the ambition, ambition as such cannot apply and does not  belong at these levels of hierarchical effort. There are even higher levels of spiritual authority to which Masters themselves to defer, these are the Initiates of the 6th  degree called the Chohans.


   The Chohans look up to the Lords of the three great departments of the Hierarchy and they in their turn, to the Lord of the World. All Questers are interconnected by sincere effort and however small we may feel our contribution to be, our efforts are always involved when we tread the Path, with those who are wiser than we and with efforts that are greater than ours. 




   But for Questers to identify with the higher states of consciousness expressed by the Masters, the Elders consider it essential that they be made aware of the tests that some of those Masters encountered on the way, so that they can relate to similar situations in their own lives as they occur. 


   The following examples of Questers who achieved conscious ingress to the higher planes by intensifying the most positive Ray qualities in their life-expression and becoming Masters, were chosen by our Teacher for very pertinent reasons.




Training of an Adept

The Ladder Path

Valerie Bonwick and Jonathan Bigras

Pages 253-266


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