STUDY OF NUMBERS IV
                      THE OUTER PERSONALITY NUMBER



     Now that you have discovered the real you through your soul number, let us determine how other people see you. Your outer personality number indicates how you appear to others; it is not necessarily what you really are. The outer personality number also shows what people expect from you because of the image to present.

     To find the other personality number, and the values of the consonants in the full name at birth. Consonants are all those letters other than vowels. Place the value of the consonants below the name, and add each digit together. In our example:


   A   D   A            W   Y   N   N            L   U   N   T
         4                 + 5    + 5 + 5         + 3     + 5 + 2  =29/11  


29 reduces by adding the first digit to the second, or 2 + 9=11. 11 is a master number and is therefore not reduced further. Other people of see ADA Wynn Lunt as a 29/11, although this is not what she necessarily is.

   As in the preceding section, the basic numbers will be delineated here. Ada would read 11 as an outer personality number, and then turn to part 2 of this book for a finer delineation of the basic 11 as a 29/11.

    If your outer personality number were 49/4, for instance, you would read 4 as an outer personality number here and then turn to part 2 to read 49/4 as a personal number vibration, which is a finer delineation of the basic 4.

    Personality comes from the word " person " meaning mask and therefore represents the mask we represent to others. It is important because through it is other basic vibrational urges are expressed. A pleasing personality is a great asset in all areas of our live to help attain spiritual, mental, or physical goals. Our body language, mannerisms, and traits--even the way we dress--reveal much more than we realize. They are the clues, which others use to determine our attitudes and characteristics.


1 AS THE OUTER PERSONALITY NUMBER: You represent an independent, capable and executive-type image to the world. Others see you as a unique individual, separate from the ordinary crowd, perhaps a loner in some respects, but definitely different. They expect you to be able to take control of any situation and be able to run an organization or club efficiently. If they will look to you to get the job done because you appear to be the leader, the pioneer, the idea person who always knows where to go and what to do. The creation of a correct and Mitch is foremost in your mind, and you depend upon the force of personality is your identification pass it in-to society. You may appear to be overly aggressive and domineering. In this case, your selfish need to assert your individuality is realize at the expense of free expression of those around you. He you to, as a number1 person, trust to be among the first in style. You like exclusive models and never want to look like anyone else. Negatively, he may even dress freakish fleet of or in modes beyond limits of good taste.


   2 AS THE OUTER PERSONALITY: You appear quiet and modest and seem to need it peaceful environment in which to live. Your fussy about details; neatness and cleanliness are a must. Rather than make a big entrance, you prefer to remain in the background, work you behind-the-scenes or in cooperation with others. You are attractive and popular with the opposite sex. This is partly due to your desire for companionship and harmony, which prompts you to indulge others. You seem incomplete off by yourself. You appear to be restless and dissatisfied with conditions because of the mental balancing you perform on every situation. You may have difficulty making decisions because both sides of clarity of. On occasion, you can display a temper and use cutting words. He dressed neatly and inconspicuously, preferring a balanced, pleasing look. You should choose easy to wear styles of clothing that reflect your more passive and artistic nature.


   3 AS THE OUTER PERSONALITY NUMBER: You are extremely charming, affable, and sociable. You have an attractive manner and desire pleasure and fun. Loyalty and honesty enhance your idealistic nature. Communication is a vital part of your personality, and you have with a facile manner of expression. An avid conversationalist, you shine in the midst of any group. You are like the sun lighting up the world of those you encounter; spreading sunshine and optimism were ever you go. Others naturally cluster around your warmth. Your extroverted popularity can become so great that it could cause your downfall through conceit and jealousy. Then your conversational talents made to generate into gossip, exaggeration, and superficiality. If you are a woman, you may be beautiful, with a well-rounded figure. You like personal adornment-- jewelry, scarves makeup--And heaven artistic flair in choosing your clothing. On the negative side, you can possess a slovenly beauty and be careless about the styles you choose and the way you care for your clothing.


   4 AS YOUR OUTER PERSONALITY NUMBER: You present a determined, work-orientated attitude to the world. You appear conservative, self-disciplined, and practical. You Desire and orderly existence through which your ability for physical and mental application will produce conventional and useful results. You are honest, hard-working type who respects values and industry. You like the Earth, nature, your home, and country. You to appear so disciplined that there is no time for play, which can isolate you for mothers. Overly cautious and frugal, you can become defensive and stingy. Crudeness and bad temper could remove you further from social contacts. Or, as an opposite reaction, you could appear completely and discipline and lazy. Could sports clothes appeal to you, as they are designed for hard service in need little care. You select your clothes for service, insist on good quality materials, and often have them tailor-made. You want to look neat and trim at all times. You are conservative in dress as well as conduct.


    5 AS THE OUTER PERSONALITY NUMBER: You are a good conversationalist, bright, sparkling, and witty, and will therefore have much interchange with groups of people. You are magnetic to the opposite sex and possess strong sensual appetites. Because change and freedom are so essential, there may be quick turnover in your relationships. You like constant activity, variety, and change and believe that change is progress. You must be able to do what you want, when and how you want to do it, in order to produce up to your capacity. You have a natural curiosity and are likely to take chances. Others see you as a natural salesperson, advertiser, or promoter. Overdoing social interchange and desire for sensual indulgences can lead to excesses in eating, drinking, drugs, or sexual contacts. You can become fickle, restless, and undependable. You like to be among the best dressed on the fashion with or at least be ahead in style, and you wear bright colors in good taste.


   6 AS THE OUTER PERSONALITY NUMBER: You emanate a protective vibration and a sense of responsibility for others. People are drawn to you for counseling, teaching and healing because you have a motherly or fatherly appearance, which lends comfort and security. The home seems very important to. You are optimistic cheerful and reliable. You appear to love beauty and all things connect with the arts you have the fine sense of balance and symmetry and can therefore see all the pieces a separate and yet part of the whole. He social consciousness urges you to seek truth and justice. You could become a slave to others, especially in the home, and your social responsibility could degenerate into social irresponsibility or interference in the affairs of others. In choosing clothing, you careful yet display an artistic flair, preserving a tasteful color harmony in whatever combinations you choose. You prefer comfortable styles, which are easy to wear rather than exclusive models, although you are particular in choosing soft, flowing materials. Negatively, you could be a casual housekeeper to be careless about how you dress.


   7 AS THE OUTER PERSONALITY NUMBER: You have the appearance of being loner, and enjoy your moments of solitude with from the crowds. Nature and periodic trips into the woods or time spent by the seashore provide the proper climate for your philosophic temperament. There is an air of mystery and secrecy about you. You seem to be the philosopher, mystic, poet, thinker, scientist, and researcher whose temporary withdrawals allow time for further probing. A keen power of observation aids you in mentally analyzing any situation. You have an aristocratic air; a personal dignity and refined manner in seem to possess an unshakable faith in the future. If become tangled in materialism, you will find only disappointment and lose your pose and become frustrated, gloomy, and withdrawn. Confusion, fear, and pessimism then take over. You are faugh for neat, well groomed, and inclined towards wearing pastels or dark shades. You avoid loud or brilliant colors and dress in good taste. If you become unhappy, then you are indifferent to the way you dress, and neglect the so-called petty details of color, and matching of outfits.


   8 AS THE OUTER PERSONALITY NUMBER: You have a dynamic personality and people recognize your authority because you appear affluent and in control. There is an air of the executive about you, one who can manage big business and direct the affairs of commerce. You emanate a personal power and strength, which brings recognition wherever you go. You appear authoritative, impartial, and ethical. You seem to possess an endless font of physical stamina and endurance your personal power could lead you into situations where you might abuse that power. Materialism then overcomes your better judgment and you can become retaliatory and cruel if crossed. A successful appearance is your standard and you insist that your clothes be well made and of good materials. You would never wear cheap articles. Carried to extremes, you appear flashy, the gambler or sport, desire and to impress others by wearing loud clothes and by flaunting large rolls of bills. A female might wear too many jewels and exhibit expensive clothes even though they may have come from the thrift shop.


   9 AS THE OUTER PERSONALITY NUMBER: You appear to have the breadth of understanding as well as a personal magnetism that is universal in scope. Your warm, friendly, and charming manner pleases all whom you come in contact with, and the selflessness that you emanate makes you loved by many. You seem to have a tolerance and compassion for others that allows you to forgive and forget easily. You are generous towards the needy and exemplify humanitarian traits. Others see you as emotional and romantic, as the idealist who believes that the progress of the world justifies personal sacrifice. Emotionalism can overtake you, and then you become susceptible to every sad story that comes along. At this point, you scatter your energies and emotions wastefully. Bitterness can result. You dress artistically with a dramatic flair, although you desire that your clothes be smooth fitting and comfortable. You may be beautiful in face and figure, and if you take care of your skin and maintain good posture, you may remain young looking for years.



   Here we end the subject material from the book Numerology and The Divine Triangle by Faith Yavane and Dusty bunker. I would like to thank the authors for the wealth of information contained within the covers. I have quotes four sections from the book to give you an idea of where your potential self-discovery may be. There is considerable more information in the book including work on all the master numbers as well as the higher/lower number combinations. There are also sections on The Path of Destiny Number, Number combinations, and their relationships to the Tarot deck and much, much more.

  As I believe in networking and sharing what I find as useful for others I will give a link to purchase the book and thus everyone is enriched by the sharing.



Numerology and The Divine Triangle
By Faith Javane and Dusty Baker
Published by Whiteford Press
ISBN: 0-914918-10-9


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