Prelude to Ascension
Janet McClure channeling Vywamus and Others


A wonderfully detailed handbook for personal growth given to us by two of the more dedicated masters of self realization and understanding. Vywamus and Djwhal Khul patiently lead us through all the facets of our physical and spiritual make up giving us step by step lessons and exercises to anchor these new patterns into our auric envelopes.

By giving us insights to our long histories on Earth, we are allowed to open many of our deeply buried memories, judgments, as well as past experiences that shade our makeup and effectively diminish our inherent abilities. By using practical visualizations and guided meditations we are challenged to step up and accept a greater sense of our own capabilities; to develop those long dormant energies to aid us in our daily lives to work out of these lower physical realms to begin our ascent up the ladder of will.

They guide us from the potential and possible to the achieved. They through the love of one friend for another, capture our attention and create images of achievement by working us to the ultimate goal of acceptance, that despite our cynical natures that it is indeed real and waiting for us to just accept it.

Janet McClure, who channeled the material, accepted the task of taking the material and bringing it very clearly for our use years later during a time in which it will become essential to our well being.

Light Technology Publishing
P.O. Box 1526
Sedona, Az. 86339
ISBN 0-929385-54-3


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