Releasing Habit Patterns of the

Emotional Body in Dealing with Trauma




   Your emotional body, more than any other of the four bodies, becomes what I might call “stuck“ in habit patterns. And as you seek to create a network of light within the self, the emotional body is often the key to freeing up stuck points. Light flows, it is a means to transcend, to explore. However, if the emotional body holds on or resists the flow, the change, and the exploration, there is a less than cohesive exploration made. Now, your emotional body and its input to the subconscious mind are extremely important. At the Source level it was the desire nature of the Source itself that created all that is, thus the desire nature inputs to the creative mechanism of self. The most important thing to recognize about your emotions is that they are, as you might say, the manifestation of what you realize within your heart center and this is important-now, in a structural sense then your emotional body is that energy, that life force, which basically flows from generative point or the heart center. We could call it the beginning of the manifestation on any level. The heart, the generative center creates everything but by its very nature the emotional body is created first. 


   Now, this may sound like a contradiction to the material given you before or to your understanding of how creation takes place. Do we not need the mental responses to direct the creative process? This is true in the fullest sense but the emotion, the desire nature sparks that point where creation begins. That point, or that possibility is literally the emotional body. It is not yet cognizant, at that point, of all that is possible for it to be, or for it to create. It needs the mental point of view in order to balance out its complete understanding. Now we are talking at a very basic level and the emotional body at that level is not the same as you experience the emotional body on the physical plane. But my point is that the desire nature is the generative point through which this flow from the heart center begins this process. It is then the expression of the heart center in a way that the other bodies do not represent. Certainly the heart is the generative point for all manifestation, but the emotional or the desire nature contacts the possibilities and unfolds the potential in all life regardless of the form it takes. 


   Going back now to my opening remarks in this section, I stated that the emotional body can get stuck or caught, in a number of particular habit patterns of behavior. With this, you need to be aware that when you use particular clearing methods to aid the emotional body it can get caught or stuck also within these particular methods. Therefore if you have been working with removing patterns using the system advocated extensively through the foundation you might consider now another system. The reason is this: pattern removal after a certain point can become “habitual“ and it no longer is as effective. I wish to explain this rather comprehensively. The reason for taking out patterns is to break up the energy within the subconscious, energy that is caught and stuck into a blocked perspective and is not flowing in the manner that you wish. This energy is of course your creativity-that is what the subconscious is-truly, a vehicle for your creativity. Thus if the block is there we have taught you to break up the energy through visual techniques


   Now, you could say the emotional body is always the connector into a pattern, there isn’t any pattern unless there is an emotion within it and that is as true with the divine patterns that you wish to keep. They are your gateway to the unlimited creative expression you are seeking; just as it is with compulsive patterns that you wish not to validate within yourself. What we have been asking you to do then is to break up the energy in these compulsive patterns. I would like to tell you what happens to your emotional body as you do break up the energy. Let us say that the pattern compulsively contains loss and you may have found yourself crying a great deal. You then begin to see this loss as part of a pattern of behavior and through exploring it, either by yourself or with the help of others on whatever level, you recognize or are told about a pattern and then you take it out of the subconscious through a technique, a visual technique that shows the subconscious what to remove. 


   Now there is some never a need to worry about a pattern leaving a hole the subconscious. That does not occur, but what does occur within your emotional body is this. First, it takes the pressure out of the emotional body-it depressurizes it.  This loss pattern has built up so much that it has surfaced. 


   If you have removed let’s say, thousands of patterns, and some of you have, you get to the point where the subconscious mind cannot deal with loss or forms a habit of dealing will loss through pattern removal. The emotional body then may form a habit of handling the emotions in a particular way, and I’m only using the pattern removal as an example. Let us look at another way you may have handled loss. Perhaps the way you have handled loss over and over is to bury with in you. Some handle it by running home to their parents. What ever way you handle an emotion over and over and over again in the same manner habit patterns build up in your emotional body  and you as well as your subconscious become dependent upon it. 


   Then I would suggest the following: That you vary from time to time the way that you work with your emotional body to balance it. Certainly within the Foundation this is the main reason why we change our methods of clearing occasionally. It is to balance any habit patterns that may be establishing themselves within the emotional body. I would like now to give you a technique that will help you because, although you may progress to another method of clearing there maybe times when you wish to use an older method, such as the pattern removal and it is appropriate in some situations. However, the habit can be a definite deterrent to doing this unless we now develop, which  I propose to do, certain light techniques that will break down the habit dependant nature of the emotional body. 


   We will call the habit pattern of the emotional body a crystallized state or a stuck perspective. Even though emotion is a flow you could look at the crystallization as a part of the flow that resists the flow or creates an energy involvement that is “sharp“ with a quality that does not allow you to express the full intent that that your generative center within the heart is seeking to express. Let us then establish a light technique that deals with such habit patterns, establish a means of visualizing the emotional body releasing these crystallized points through a light interaction. I think you will find it helpful to use this technique no matter what sort of processing you are using emotionally and even if you are not using any particular techniques for your emotional body at this point. Your life is processing your emotional body, and thus crystallized patterns that are habitual have been formed. 


   Look at the following diagram #11, a circle with a point in the center. Now, as you look to that point in the center it grows until it is a sun and it shines. Now see a light that radiates from the core of that sun. See that core radiating forth. Now, the generative point-remember-is the emotion, the desire nature of Source itself. Now it comes through the heart center and, the heart establishes that desire contact and the manifested state through the desire nature is the sun. It is electrical in nature, radiant in quality and as you watch it the different Rays stream out until they touch every point within the circle. Look at that circle then as filling up with rays of the sun. We will, to simplify our approach here, simply equate that sun and its rays that fill the circle of your emotional body. 


   Certainly we could look at this circle in many ways but let us simply see it as the emotional body now. I would suggest that it be gold as the sun’s rays are gold in nature because gold is an integrative color. It is radiating fourth and then invoking from the cosmos the electrical magnetic response that will fulfill its desire to create, to be, to express. As you sense that radiation within the circle seek to see and to be in it as clearly as possible, the rays streaming from that center sun, streaming forth, filling the circle. Spend some time with that until you either see or know that both are real for you. Now, the next part is the technique that I suggest


   Sense an electrical current coming into that whole circle, it may enter in any way that you wish, you could-and I am suggesting this possibility-see it as all lightning bolt coming into the circle, zigzag; it goes and it flashes into the circle. After three times of flashing take a look at the circle. What has occurred? See what is there after the electrical current has entered through this light process. What has occurred is you bring the electrical magnetic energy into this radiant field that represents your emotional body. For some of you the field may no longer be cohesive-there may be gaps or spaces within it. The goal or we could say the ideal, is now to bridge any particular gaps or spaces that have been created. 


You know the ideal-it is to have a cohesive light pattern as it was in the beginning-the energy field has become distorted through a particular response to a light-energy technique. If your field remains cohesive-does not separate-then there are no habit patterns in the sense that I have given them here in this material at this time, and it you need do nothing else in this exercise. 


   If you find some spaces that have little or no radiance any longer then I suggest that you do the following: visualize now a spiral and, it too is golden, and as it spirals turning this way and that as it grows, see the base of the spiral spread and widen to fit over the outside of the circle, it doesn’t matter if you see it spiraling clockwise or counterclockwise because it isn’t directional at all-it is the evolutionary process of Source. It is a light technique to evolve sourceness. You place that then over your circle and you activate the spiral. Now it radiates  a silver hue through its activity, through its active state and as it does so allows the energy field with in your circle to heal. You can sense the spaces filling up; energy again becoming complete within the radiant and field of your emotional body. Stay with this spiral until you see the field as complete, fully connected and shimmering After you have done that I would rest for a few moments and then go through it all over again when you have rested sufficiently. Bring in your lightning bolts and see if your radiant field remains complete. If it does not, put your spiral back again. Now the spiral represents your Sources evolving point of view, meaning that you are supported within that part of that support process that has the ability to heal any points that become distorted in your own evolving understanding. 


   Now you may ask “why do this-why create this incomplete field consciously with the lightning bolts.” Well, the lighting bolts represent literally the same thing as the spiral except they represent your own electrical field or your own ability to utilize the electrical magnetic energy of Source as a direct input to your creativity. Thus in a visualization you can see that you have built up in inappropriate amount of crystallization that shocks the system as electrical surges enter the emotional energy field. 


   To summarize then, a particular of processing the emotional body becomes a Band-Aid that does not allow sometimes the complete healing that you wish. The point of origination which you cover up with the Band-Aid is never directly accessed. What I’m suggesting is to view directly the whole energy field of your emotional responses exactly as they are bringing in a radiant stimulator--the lightning bolt-and seeing how cohesive your response to the stimulation is. Anything that this stimulating to your emotional body can create habit patterns of thus the goal is to allow the emotional responses that you wish such as a loving, joyous response. Allow those positive responses to be “locked-in“ if you will but deal with, an ever evolving understanding, that those responses they are not serving you well and that is of course all of you are trying to do. My point is don’t get locked into one system but vary the systems, progress them and then release the crystallization possibilities if you wish to utilize those systems again that were habitual. It is easy to tell if they are habit patterns and the light and electrical system will help you heal those areas which get caught in this pattern of potential crystallization. 


   After you have worked extensively with any processing method, light techniques, light awareness, light understanding you will allow yourself to accept and thus use the emotional body in a matter that is fully again a generative point of view which manifests through your heart center in an unlimited manner You have sought to connect not only into your hear-center but into the heart center of all that is in an unlimited manner. Your emotional body and the release of habitual patterns with in it is the key for doing so. 


Light Techniques

That Trigger Transformation


Channeled By Janet McClure

Edited by Lillian Harbin

Light Technology and Printing and Publishing

Pages 81-89


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