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Blending your Energies


   It is not uncommon for earnest and sincere Questers to become tempted to overreach themselves at some time in their experience, the fact that it may be effort extended in the best of causes does not protect them if they have not been trained to undertake the extra travail involved.


   One of the most potent pitfalls lies in the area of blending energies. We touched previously upon the practice of mindblend (The Sea Gods after Atlantis, Chapter 20) and we continue to emphasize its practice in certain areas of your personal lives in these chapters.


   The practice of blending your energies is repeated on a higher turn of the spiral when you become an Adept or a Master. Therefore, in order to give you some idea of the breadth of the field of expression which is opened to you when you attain adeptship, we have decided to speak of the magical work of the Triunes (Training of an Adept, Part Three).


   The Triunes derive their essential magnetic qualities from the successful blending of energies by their participants. A word of caution however, specific techniques of training are advised and it is wise to wait until these are acquired before attempting to emulate the efforts of the Triarchs. Yet, there are a few guidelines which you could apply at any level of your practice or may find useful and any time in your life.




   It is of the utmost importance for instance, that you distinguish between the quality of the vibrations and evaluate the energies accordingly with which you consider blending, before you venture into this field of endeavor.


   If you should be fortunate enough to be invited to blend your energies and thought-patterns with those of a highly evolved individual, you will experience well-being, upliftment and even expansions of awareness.


   If however, the individual who invites you to share in a mind blending session is influenced by or is an agent for the Left-hand path, you will eventually experience a draining of your vitality and in continuance of this association, a depletion of energy which could even result in your death. Remember, the word “vita“ means life.


   We strongly recommend that you avoid the above situation by remaining on guard and take exceptional care to avoid becoming involved in less than wholesome associations, for they are difficult to break. Even the severance of such an association demands a requisite output of energy in order to succeed and if your vitality is in short supply, the longer it may take you to break an unwholesome tie, the less energy you possess with which to make that break.


   In your search for wisdom on the physical plane, you may sometimes encounter self-professed Masters, but remember, genuine Masters do not need to broadcast their credentials, any more than Adepts need to advertise their powers, such work which necessitates that Adepts live as solitaries would be at end if they did so. Nevertheless, your own level of realization will provide you with insight enabling you to make recognition, when the time is ripe.


Vitality and Energy


   We have discovered that all too often, a misapplication of terminology due to common usage will lead to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. For instance, there is a very essential distinction between the terms, “vitality“ and “energy“ which is not always recognized, particularly amongst those who seek to impart wisdom before they have acquired knowledge.


   The far-reaching difference between the two words as defined in Dagon terminology is the practical fact that whereas, vitality is indrawn, energy is exerted. Then, the following statement that, “you cannot expect to explore the qualities of energy projection if you’re vitality is impaired,“ makes sense.


Question Time


   One of the most important questions to ask yourself if you are tempted to join a group is not, “How do I know if the school is advanced or if the system of training will help me to become a Master?“ But, “How will I know if a group is traveling on the Right-hand Path or the Left?“ It is always wise to determine the answer to that question before going one step further towards closer contact with any group or anyone who is over eager to advise you on your personal spiritual future.


   First of all, examine your own motives for joining, examine your reasons for acquiring higher wisdom and how you intend to use it and remember, integrity is an essential quality for one who chooses to travel a genuine path.


   Listen very carefully to those who are already involved with a group in which you are interested, listen to what they say, how they express themselves, the reason why they first became involved and observe whether or not current group members are expressing improvement in their life-patterns. Then in thoughtful solitude, put any written material they may give you to read through an “examination of character“ also.


   If you are astute, you will realize that none of the above suggestions involves group members to listen to you or to you saying anything, unless it is to satisfy them as regards to your own character and sincerity, neither does it entail you committing any written material for their perusal until you have decided upon becoming further involved with them. Remember, a genuine training school does not flatter you.




   Your next query probably is, “How do I know if a teacher is genuine?“ An enlightened teacher will know when you are ready, similarly, when you are ready, you will have no difficulty in recognizing an enlightened Teacher. A trained dealer in precious stones does not have a problem in distinguishing genuine stones from the fake, although he will submit new gems to certain tests. A jeweler’s success does not depend completely upon his opportunity to train, it also involves the task of self-polishing his skills in order to master his craft. The same rules apply to teachers and students if they decide to work together.


   No harm is done in studying the leading figures of esoteric philosophy at close range, provided you have developed a certain degree of objectivity. Do not allow a personality cult to cloud the clarity of thought you need to nurture the knowledge you seek. Much can be learned from observing the behavior of your fellow Questers also, when accomplished by goodwill.


   But do not pry. Remember, the true esoteric knowledge is well hidden. A great deal of training maybe received on the planes in the sleep state. Those who sometimes prove to be the ablest students, very often find no need within their inner being to join a system of discipline on the physical plane also. If they do so, it is because they have achieved a degree of advancement which makes them of valuable assets and not a liability to a group in need of extra strength.


   There are indeed, knowledgeable schools of philosophy which fall somewhat short practicing that which they teach, but by sifting the wheat from the chaff you may learn enough at least to stimulate your desire to study further in pursuit of your quest.


   There are also false movements which advertise paths to wisdom. In that respect, consider the instructors or leaders of those movements as personifying the results of their own teaching. If they prove to fall short of their claims, pass on in search!


   No one should falsify the Way of Truth. False claims to wisdom serve as deterrents to evolution in action and disappoint potential disciples who, in disgust at being offered false coin for gold, are sometimes deterred from further pursuit of the truth. If a school of training does not guide or encourage you to become a more worthwhile individual, then it is not a school that has been blessed by the Hierarchy, Shamballa or the Deity. If you have doubts, pass on in search!


   There are a few ashrams whose inner core of study is well worth waiting to join while you train with an outer circle of devotees. There are ashrams of various kinds, but those of the greatest value do not need to advertise what they have to offer, their value is self-evident. The last ashrams of which we speak, but certainly not the least, are the ashrams blessed by the Hierarchy to which a genuine path will lead you. They do not proselytize, but we have much to add concerning their work in later chapters.


   The genuine Teacher will judge your capability to serve the Light of Wisdom, but will also point you responsibly in the direction of another Master who’s teaching might be more suitable for you, if his or her own method of teaching is not correctly matched your own needs. If you experience any doubt concerning the wisdom of the group in which you are studying, question its leader in private audience. Of course, if you are unsure of that person’s integrity, it is better to leave the group immediately.


True vs. False Humility


   The characteristic of “humility“ is sometimes used by Questers as a slide rule when judging the spiritual caliber of a teacher. It is of course, true that a fully initiated Adept or Master may express humility as a natural response after contacting the higher planes and their Lords, but humility in itself does not furnish proof of contact with any plane higher than the physical.


   It is important for Questers to attune their faculty of discrimination so they can discern accurately, whether a teacher is expressing true humility of the spirit or is this self-appointed master expressing lip-service to the term. For although a self-appointed master may find it a strain to maintain a facade of false humility indefinitely, if or when the pose is accompanied by intellectual brilliance, the poseur may broadcast conflicting signals to an unknowing student that the arrogance of the personality is acceptable in a Master.


   The latter however, only proves that the imposter has no practical experience of the theoretical knowledge he claims as is own.


   One must also be aware of group behavior within which members compete to attract attention by stressing that, “my humility is greater than yours,“ ridiculous though it may seem.


   Our own people are counseled by our Elders when we are beginning students that:


   Until you have received the blessing of a Mahadeva , humility is but a word in your vocabulary.


   Later on, we will speak of hidden esoteric schools which I know all Questers of serious intent, hope and dream of contacting. Some schools of inner teachings are hidden within or connected with outer schools of discipline. These are schools whose member seers are ever watch for a “small lamp shining in the darkness,“ so do not worry that your efforts will go unnoticed.


   They send forth members of their outer groups, to mingle with and dispense words of wisdom to small lamps in times of loneliness and need. A word, the right action, a proffered hand of friendship is as sure a way of receiving entry to an outer circle of a great school as any Quester could wish for, although it is not necessarily registered as such. Why else would it be called an esoteric or hidden school?


Our Understanding of Deity


   We have been asked to add some words regarding our concept of Deity. Therefore, we will add comments concerning our people’s philosophy while we review the teaching of the Ladder Path, for it is obvious that our concepts have to a great extent been shaped by the practice of that path, which results in what we are and the way we think and this we will gladly share with you.


   Mankind’s mental concept of Deity sometimes tends to confine Him to the limits of Man’s personal breadth of experience, yet not all of the indwelling deities attention is absorbed in Man’s sojourn on Earth, neither is His involvement with life on, in or surrounding the planet, total, for although we live and move within the aura of His Being, His consciousness is not limited to the fact of His Being.


   When we speak of the Divine aura, we are not romanticizing, we are stating fact. It is within the layer of etheric matter surrounding the planet and encompassed within the Divine aura (Many readers will remember the newsreels showing the beautiful aura emanating from the planet Earth, as photographed in silhouette against the night sky during Alan Shepard’s momentous journey into space) that one finds the akasha whereon on the Chronicles of Earth are imprinted.


   At times, some Questers wonder whether, as we are all part of the Deity, if His greatness is diminished by mankind’s sometimes involuting behavior? The macrocosm expands awareness through experience, so does a microcosm, the macrocosm also benefits from a weeding out, so do we. His power does not diminish when His happily evolved “children“ graduate off-planet, His sphere of influence increases.


   Deity does not need, nor necessarily appreciate our verbal praise or flattery, as sometimes expressed by worshipers or devotees. Deity requires positive action, exemplary behavior and as you will agree, praise is only important to you when it is bestowed by a superior, why should the Deity differ in that respect?


Law of Spiritual Economy


   The Elders wish to thank those readers who have expressed their appreciation for the philosophy we shared with you earlier and whose encouragement has prompted the release of these pages.


   The Law of Spiritual Economy is that which regulates hierarchical effort, and avoids duplication and ensures that no energy is wasted or misused. It also protects the quality of the spiritual projects influence from dilution or misunderstanding.


   Although some psychic groups may have received information concerning us from their own sources since we first announced our presence, it remains news of us, not from us. It is in adherence to the Law of Spiritual Economy that we do not enter into direct communication with Questers at this time, other than the writers to whom we have entrusted our present purpose, yet our hearts and minds are with you all, every step of the Way, as is our blessing.


   The Elders extend their sincere blessings to all Questers who have formed groups to exchange understanding of the spiritual training which we-follow in our own life styles. They also monitor your progress with the greatest of loving interest as fellow pilgrims on the Way who, in preparation for the Golden Age that is to come, form the community of Questers.


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