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 Trilogy of karmic Doctrine


 Cause and Effect

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   The subject of Karma is one that has attracted a great deal of attention among Questers in recent years, but it is one we consider to be oversimplified, in the West at least. It’s precepts are usually found listed under headings such as the “Law of Cause and Effect” or “Karma and Reincarnation,“ whereas our own people consider the Doctrine as a trilogy, the study of which has demanded the undivided attention of some of our most respected scholars in every generation who, by correlating the results of their research with their skills of Farsight, anticipate the world of tomorrow as viewed against the actions of the past.


Cause and Effect


   It is certain that everyone is familiar with the law of Cause and Effect. Perhaps you think of it quite correctly, as a balance of personal credits and debits for which each individual is brought to account and the payment of which, is intertwined with the pattern of your spiritual progress.


   The subject is much less simple than it appears on the surface, if you consider the various levels of karma involved. I am sure you are familiar with the New Testament statement warning us that, “for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.“ Yet that statement leaves many a Quester wondering if they are excused from misdeeds which are committed under family, group or national pressure?


   Let us consider some of the divisions of karmic debt with which most individuals have been involved at some time in their previous, if not in their present incarnations. We will begin by examining the outer fringe of karmic involvement and gradually move in closer to the center of responsibility, contemplating those karmic debts incurred personally and which are often the most difficult to repay. Yet our personal debts are the ones that are often most painful to us and we wish to settle as quickly as possible when we leave the physical plane .


The major types of karma that we will examine at this time are:


World, Karma

Racial karma

National karma

Group, Karma

Individual karma

Debt to planet



World Karma


   When we consider the subject of world karma, remember that it is impossible not to be involved with it at some time in your various incarnations, because it concerns man’s attitude towards and his treatment of the kindred kingdoms on planet Earth: Animal, Plant, and Mineral, as well as Man’s inhumanity to Man.


   It would appear that the enormity of the subject might preclude any Quester, however sincere your efforts might be, from making a positive difference to world karma, but such is not the case. Mankinds’ behavior towards the land and the waters, the environment in general, is gradually responding to public opinion. It is possible for you, even if you are in the minority, to weigh in on the side of your conscience and drag the majority of humankind along with you, if only because at last the voice of conscience makes common sense to them.




   It is a sobering thought, when you think about it, that if mankind’s present Pattern of stripping the planet without judicious conservation of resources continues to the nth degree, the lack of those food products which previously originated from the decimated animal and plant kingdoms, will force mankind to revert to cannibalism to survive on the physical plane. This could be described I believe, as the ultimate karmic diet.


   This would not be the first time in history that mankind has degenerated to such low-level in order to survive on the physical plane. The individuals who introduced superstitious and ritualistic reasoning to explain their innovative dining habits, invented excuses that were originally designed to overcome the revulsion experienced by more sensitive members of their community.


   Survival by cannibalism came first, the philosophy justifying the practice was invented after the fact. But I would have you consider, those primitive tribes that are on record as practicing cannibalism, were initially neither primitive nor savage.


Racial karma


   Until an individual’s awareness is elevated beyond the limitations of racial or national karma that individual’s sense of the evolutionary direction is influenced by and often entrapped within those limitations. This is a situation that a deeper understanding of karmic Doctrine might remedy, but until that time, each individual reincarnates into almost every nation in turn, to gain a wider range of life-experience on the physical plane.


   It is a simple matter to observe, as a student of metaphysics, that an enslaver will automatically be attracted to reincarnate as a slave in a later incarnation to balance his karma or expiate his sins, according to your personal choice of terminology. There are indeed, countless individuals, who have spent many incarnations vacillating between material opposites on the physical plane.


   What is more difficult to evaluate when studying cause and effect is the karmic debt which is brought upon themselves by individuals who experience far less dramatic swings between the pairs of opposites. Where does your responsibility lie if you pursue your course through life as an “onlooker“ or “bystander“ with as little personal input into the process of living as you can arrange?


   There is a very delicate, but precise difference between pursuing a positive Middle Way and a negative neutral way that is not always apparent on the surface. Yet, it is in determining our choices that we mature as souls, as well as fulfill our karmic responsibilities.


Archangels, Angels and Patron Saints


   Every race on Earth is guided by, presided over and encompassed within the soul-light of a great being.


   Originally, the Wise Ones—Lords of Shamballa guided each race and subrace by personifying arch typical examples for Man to follow, but after the Great Initiates came to Earth, the World Teacher initiated a systematic training path for the Angel evolution, which enabled the lords of Shamballa to pass their self-imposed responsibility to the Angels when they were proven ready for such authority.


   Each race is now guided by an archangel whose task is to monitor, supervise, influence and inspire that race. In like manner, each nation is guided by an Angel who is responsible to the Archangel of the parent race. While an Angel defers to an Archangel in procedure, both work under the jurisdiction of the Lord of Civilization.


   It is difficult to decide upon adequate terminology by which to call these great beings. They are Archangels and Angels, yet they are much more, having acquired elevated spiritual status within their own evolution. It is also correct to refer to them as “the National Spirit “ or “the Spirit of the Race.“ Yet, when one refers to “the genius of race“ or “the national genius,“ one is also speaking of their influence and their handiwork.


   They are completely adept in expressing all steps of every path contributing in any way to each evolutionary phase of mankind’s progress. This effort on their part was undertaken in order to help them understand man’s needs more fully in attaining his goals.


   They endeavor to divide Mankinds’ characteristic traits, flaws and assets evenly between the races and the nation’s to promote a sense of balance. This is a finely tuned effort designed to accomplish just, though complex solutions accommodating all facets of Mans physical characteristics, emotional attitudes, mental faculties and spiritual inclinations as smoothly as possible. Although both Archangels and Angels are concerned with balancing Man’s hereditary guidelines and social patterns which attend his habitual behavior with the wisdom of their experience, Archangels are more deeply involved with the quintessential character and civilization while Angels are more concerned with the connection between personality and cultural expression.


   When you consider the national temperaments, social structures, political regimes, religious differences and caste systems expressed by all many-layered cultures at the present time, you will sympathize with the task laden path of each of those Angelic Beings who are concerned with Man’s evolution, past, present and future.


   It is fairly obvious that many of the prejudices related to racial differences are karmic in origin and once they are seen in that light, they become easier to accept and overcome.


   Sometimes a representative from opposing negative forces, who has been trained in the black arts, will take a physical form to mount a challenge to a Masters influence upon the evolutionary progress of a people. The strength of the Brother of the Shadow lies primarily in the number of followers who can be persuaded to support a cause served by the Left-hand path, in opposition to the Sons of Light.


   Racial or religious intolerance has provided a somewhat easier platform from which the Brothers of the Shadow have attracted followers for thousands of years. Therefore, it is the greater part of wisdom to weed out the seeds of the negativity before they take root and proliferate.


   The above is not to be taken as an encouragement to violence, far from it. It is to remind all Questers to counter negative, involuntary influence with positive evolutionary attitudes. Above all, retain an open mind, analytical and free from insidious influences.


   An Angelic being who is guiding a race or a nation, may impress characteristic qualities of positivity so clearly, that they are sensed by their people, who then “clothe“ those qualities in the embodiment of a patron saint. Sometimes a historical figure lends himself or herself to such an expression. At other times, such a personage is indeed overshadowed by an angel.


   Whether mythic thought form or historical personage, the patron saints serve as foci for positivity that the Brothers of the Shadow usurp only with great difficulty or not at all.


   Although it is at a signal from Shamballa that an Avatar comes in sacrifice to help our world, it is at a single given by the presiding Archangel guiding a race, that a great Teacher or Master reincarnates into that race to exemplify and personify positive evolutionary traits which, it is hoped, will become a natural form of expression amongst its people.


National Karma


   National karma is much easier to track in history and you will be able to study some of its tracks for yourself, but do so with increasing understanding and love. For instance, from Mankinds very recent history, the shadow of the terror called the “Holocaust“ remain as an inexplicable phenomenon to many Questers.


   Yet it is not the first holocaust or attempt at genocide in history or in historical references that remain available to you. Consider for instance the Old Testament account of the genocidal massacre of the Midianites by the Hebrews, even infant males were killed and only the Midianite virgins were taken captive(Numbers 31:1 to the end of the chapter).


   The story is already familiar to students of the Old Testament, yet similar karmic patterns may be found in the historic background of most races on the Earth. It is somewhat enlightening and very saddening to trace the histories of warring nations down through the centuries, rewarding through your study may well be if it helps you to dispel racial prejudice and intolerance amongst your fellow men, through your studies it will become obvious to you that:


Vengeance is self perpetuating,

But karma is ultimate.


   The above episode referred to in the Bible is I believe, an example of what you might call, “honest reporting.“ One must admire the integrity of the Hebrew scribe and suggest that if such honest record keeping was in place to report such an unflattering incident, is reasonable to suppose that genealogical tables were also kept accurately, but if one accepts the records of names as listed in their generations, then one must accept the accuracy of the extended life span accorded to each long lived person named. They have no reason to falsify records of their own family trees.


Group karma


   Group karma is of great personal interest to individuals who are involved with any type of group, because family groups, school friends, even groups and business acquaintances, may reincarnate together time after time in order to work out karmic problems.


   We must not neglect the karma that is incurred by the protagonists of warring religions or philosophies, they are very often the most bitter and vicious of karmic debts to be worked out. In the furtherance of greater understanding, it is an excellent idea to involve yourself in a sympathetic study of comparative religion because as your comprehension increases and your perception sharpens, you will examine the basis and background of dogma objectively. As you do so, retain an unbiased, unprejudiced overview of the results of anger and hatred, bearing in mind that:


A Reason is not an Excuse.


Individual karma


   We have left the subject of individual karma to the last, not because it is the easiest to discuss, but because it is the most involved. If I were to advise you how to separate yourself from the entanglements of World, Racial, National and Group Karma, I would counsel you to fulfill your personal karmic obligations first, yet at the same time, to use the results of your research to guide you regarding the structure of Karmic Law and examine how low works in the foregoing divisions of karmic obligations.


   Analyze causes and evaluate effects. Do not forget, this is research wherein you must exercise your judgment, not indulge in a declaration of criticism. Based upon the accuracy of your own judgment and sensitivity of your intuition, the value of your future service to mankind is determined. By the positivity of your thinking, you help to reverse the accumulation of wrongful thought and reduce the karmic burdens of the future.


   The comments of one of humankind’s most enlightened Teachers (Gautama Buddha [The Dhammapada]) comes to mind at this time, he stated very simply that, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought, it is founded on thought, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man acts or speaks with an evil thought, pain follows him as the wheel follows the foot of the Ox that draws the chariot.“



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