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   Your actions on the physical plane maybe predetermined by your karmic opportunities, but you are personally responsible for your reactions in greater or lesser degree.


   You bear full responsibility for your thoughts, both positive and negative. The importance of what is involved is clear, if you remember that in some small measure, your thought is capable of setting creative or destructive forces in motion which you might find difficult to recall, even though their point of departure may be from within your own mind, depending of course, upon the intensity of that thought.




   We have found that one of the advantages to living in a telepathic society is a lack of opportunity either to manipulate or be manipulated by another person. We have noticed that psychological manipulation seems to be quite a common practice amongst humankind.


   This situation is quite impossible amongst our people, because immediately someone tries to manipulate anyone unfairly, using their time in an unprincipled way, draining their vitality, wasting their talent unduly or playing upon their emotions, that intent is “sensed“ and checkmated.


   A more recent development in mankind’s thinking is the rather cavalier attitude displayed by those who know they are being manipulated, but are inclined to dismiss this ill usage by saying, “So and so is only storing up karmic debt for himself or herself,“ thereby anticipating that one day the unprincipled citizens of this world, “will receive their just punishment,“ with interest, it is oftentimes hoped by the victim, either consciously or subconsciously.


   But why not cancel the above situation in advance, if at all possible, by exempting yourself from being manipulated immediately you realize that such a situation is getting out of hand and in so doing, forestall karmic complexity.


Beware of False Prophets


   There is a very special individual karma, the debt of which if incurred, can only be settled upon one’s return to the physical plane—a mandatory requirement which is attached to the karma of the false prophet.


   The warning as recorded in the New Testament, is quite clear(Matthew 7:15). You are not being warned against prophets, you are being warned against “false “ prophets. We could just as well warn you against “false“ teachers. We still caution our own children in their first lessons to beware, not of false teachers because there are none left in our culture at this time, but against teaching anything if they are not certain of its value or truth, warning them that:


The perverted magnetism of the self-proclaimed teacher

Radiates a false light, it is not warm with love,

It seres those upon whom it falls.


  The gift of prophecy is often the beneficent result of having used the skill responsibly in a previous incarnation, sometimes there’s a predilection towards its use because of hereditary traits or it may result from one spiritual progress in the acquirement of the siddhis. However it is acquired, it endows one with a burden of responsibility that more than balances one skills as a prophet.


   Our Elders, when assuming the responsibility of Seer and prophet, practice the skill of Farsight on the highest turn of the spiral, which they balance and reinforce with a somewhat rarified purity of lifestyle. Our Historians are adept at prediction according to the laws of probabilities. Our Philosophers explore the concepts that lead to the pursuit of pure reason. At the highest level of attainment, all three skills converge.


   Payment of a karmic debt incurred by deliberately abusing the skill of prophecy is determined by the severity of the consequences suffered by those who sought and followed the false profits counsel. We are not speaking of genuine error, because perfection is difficult to achieve on the physical plane, we are referring to deliberate misuse of the skills of prophecy or abuse of a trust.


   There were enough example-setting precedents of the misuse of E-S-P and the siddhis during the late Atlantean age to leave us with guidelines regarding the debts and payments involved.


   Besides repaying those persons whose lives have been adversely affected by false prophecy, the false prophet who magnifies his or her skills without foundation, reincarnates many times before regaining even a glimmer of Far-sight.


   The false prophet who fakes his or her own skills through the use of guess work has no recourse to the Law of Probabilities when reincarnating and often appears to be a fool to all and sundry.


   The false prophet who deliberately misleads others by professing prophetic skills that are unfounded, give false guidance based upon the Law of Probabilities in which he or she is not trained or consuls others to unwise behavior under the guise of a prophet, suffers from a loss of reasoning power when reincarnating and sometimes becomes not insane, but mindless.


   If we have dwelt a little longer than anticipated upon the karmic debt that is related to the genuine and false expressions of the gifts of prophecy, it is because it is a complex area of understanding.


   Few individuals dwelling of the physical plane are truly prophets. Most individuals who prophesize do so with the help of an intermediary who is a resident in the spirit realm and relays information received from the higher planes. That intermediary may or may not be a high entity, but when a poseur deliberately manufactures evidence or manipulates Truth, he or she is not only betraying the trust of whoever applied to them for guidance, they are also betraying the trust of their contacting intermediary.


   Only a Master who has awakened the Mid-Aura Chakra—the Chalice, can lay claim to the skills of a true prophet, but those who are of such elevated spiritual stature use their powers with great wisdom, only for the betterment of mankind and rarely for themselves.


Spiritual Plagiarism


   The working out of karma as applied to the problem of the false prophet brings us to what may appear to be on the surface, a much less serious matter, that of misrepresentation when combined with misappropriation. Although the karma incurred may appear to be less severe, it is all the more swift and repayment of the debt is often levied within the present incarnation of the individual concerned.


   Misrepresenting oneself as the teaching source of wisdom misappropriated from the originator without credit to that person, levies its own karmic penalty, usually within the perpetrator’s lifetime. The reason is as follows. When you initiate a fresh teaching approach, even though you may be but the interpreter or scribe for a Master who is resident upon the Higher Planes, that teaching bears some imprint of your personal vibration, as well as your name.


   The result is that you acquire followers who place their trust in you. In times of stress, they send out signals for help and these signals zero in on your vibration. Their S.O.S. arrives on your spiritual doorstep and is answered, even if unspoken or unseen, by spiritual sustenance. If the S.O.S. arrives at the spiritual doorstep of a poseur, he or she cannot fulfill the need, the drain on the poseur’s energy cannot be balanced by requisite income vitality, which must be in drawn from a higher source for such a need, subsequently the poseurs’ follower is disappointed in time of need.


   The lack of balance between incoming vitality and outgoing energy has been known to cause various degrees of mental aberrations and even recently, resulted in premature death of a self-appointed master who misappropriated an entire teaching system of a Master still resident on the physical plane.


   When we are counseled to pass on the knowledge we acquire and share the wisdom that we receive with those who are ready to learn, we must always safeguard ourselves by crediting the true originator of the teachings. It is this precaution which is prompted disciples in the past to begin their teachings with statements as, “Thus said the Lord Buddha,“ or “This I have heard,“ to ensure that they did not appropriate credit to themselves for philosophy they did not initiate personally or claim spiritual insight initiated by a colleague.


   Another form of misrepresentation which is becoming more common is the “theft“ of a respected authority’s name, to attract attention or advance inferior metaphysical teaching. High initiates, Masters and well known Spirit Guides are particularly vulnerable to this form of theft.  Sometimes inferior philosophy and flawed guidance is swallowed wholesale by a gullible enquirer, even though the Master named may have stated unequivocally that he would not communicate after leaving the physical plane.


   Sometimes also, a Spirit Guide may decide to communicate nothing public, once his contacting medium leaves the physical plane. If such a decision is made and is rescinded later on, the teacher or guide will communicate under a pseudonym, the content of that teaching is just as valuable to a genuine Quester.


   Unfortunately, this type of misrepresentation which is truly a form of fraud, repulses many sincere Questers at the initial stage of their research and undoes the good work and uphill effort of genuine Masters, if it remains undetected.


   Some years ago, a discontented follower of a Master who had communicated a genuine system of training which was published in a respective series of books, attempted to “misappropriate“ the Master himself, stating to the world that the Master would only communicate through the group he led in the future, in spite of the Masters warnings to the contrary.


The deluded would-be thief later went insane. This karmic penalty may not always be as violent when it is worked out on the physical plane, it applies in varying degrees according to the amount of damage inflicted upon the unsuspecting Questers and the field of metaphysics.




   A question that occurs to many Questers is, “How can I receive reparation for injuries I have suffered in my present incarnation?“ Another question is, “How can people who owe me a debt repay me if they’re not in incarnation?“ Yet another concern is, “What if they don’t possess a clear memory of being in my debt when we do meet again?“ Some Questers attitude is, “It is all very well to know that person who hurt me so deeply will be sorry when they pass on to the astral planes, but that doesn’t help now.“


   Fortunately, provision is made for every karmic eventuality. This ensures that the balance of justices precise and complete and is accomplished with the maximum opportunity for us to progress. It is quite usual for groups who interacted karmically with each other in previous lives to reincarnate together with the intention of balancing that karma, but what about those persons who are karmically entangled and do not reincarnate together? In that event, a friend or someone close to you is about to reincarnate, may volunteer to pay your debt for you in substitution if you remain in the spirit realm, you will of course, do the same for them when the opportunity arises.


   We must also remember, that each and every entity eventually tries to progress when they enter the spirit realm, they may be doing their utmost already, to repay their debts to those who are incarnate on the physical plane, even if the results are not obvious.


Retribution gives pause to those

Who pursue material gains

Regardless of pain they cause to others.


Vicarious Atonement


   Vicarious atonement was first initiated upon planet Earth by the sacrifice of the Wise Ones at the end of the Polarian Age. Since that time, many misunderstandings and misinterpretations have flawed the pristine philosophy of the original concept.


   Originally, the practice was intended as a safety valve, whereby payment of an individual’s karmic responsibility could be delayed by a voluntary act of substitution from an unselfish benefactor who would temporary shoulder that karma. By releasing the individual from the immediate burden, it provided the maximum period of time for repayment with a greater assurance of success.  Remember however, one cannot delay repayment of debt indefinitely, to do so might involve one returning to pralaya unexpectedly sometime in the future, if one does not settle one’s debt in good time.


   Vicarious atonement was initiated by the Wise Ones to save man from returning prematurely to pralaya, but their action was not intended to serve as a permanent substitution, either to avoid or avert karmic debt indefinitely, by doing so, Man would abnegate his opportunity to evolve.


   The substitution of a scapegoat in payment for one’s sins is a flawed concept, while animal or human sacrifice to regain heavens approval or  procure the granting of some request was a perversion of the concept to the Nth degree.


The technique governing the practice of vicarious atonement sounds simple, it is not. The practice of vicarious atonement demands that one expresses and substitutes that rare state of being known as “at-one-ment“ in sacrifice for others.




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