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 Where responsibility Lies


   It is natural for Questers when they consider the subject of retribution to question, where exactly does responsibility lie concerning karmic debts incurred when committing crimes while under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Does the presence of a toxic substance in the culprits’ body constitute a valid excuse, such as “It wasn’t my fault“ or “it really wasn’t me, I was under the influence of-?“


   The question as to whether the substances caused aberrations in the behavioral patterns or were those antisocial actions already present in the individual’s personality and waiting for release, has less bearing upon the debt incurred than appears at first glance.


   Whatever the individuals characteristic behavior may be, toxic substances of any kind torture the nervous system and torment the consciousness of anyone who is seriously committed to treading the Path.


   It is a perversion of spiritual precepts and an over simplification to claim that it all depends upon the intent or motive of the person who committed a wrongful act. If the person involved deliberately drank or took drugs after being warned of the consequences, they bear full karmic responsibility for their actions.


Material Gain


   A very serious question which sometimes arises in a Questers mind is, whether a karmic debt is incurred by using positive thought to manifest material wealth? This problem seems to be a source of anxiety only to the sincere Quester who sometimes expresses guilt at acquiring wealth. Of course, the answer to that question is determined not only by the intended use to which the wealth will be put, but more importantly, the use to which it is actually put once it has been acquired, there is an all-important difference between intentional planning and deliberate action. 




   Your sense of humor will be called into play and tested, when you meet self-righteous individuals who are more concerned with everyone else’s’ spiritual progress rather than their own. They “aspire to seek out evil, to destroy its adherence and to elevate the worthy,“ so they say. But the violence of their intent as they express their opinions does a great deal of harm by generating a negative field of energy which tracks further violence towards itself. This behavior prompts the Quester to query whether these people who aspire to become Lords of Karma overnight or is it the wish to play executioner?


   It is difficult at times to control one’s indignation or exasperation, but arguing the point with such people only adds to their false state of self-righteousness and increases their radius of projected anger. Calm statement backed by concrete fact creative philosophy will do much to dissipate the negative vibrations of bad will, providing a difficult test for the Quester which calls for enduring good humor and goodwill.


Wielding the Rod of Power


   You also encounter ambitious individuals who yearn to wield the rod of power, “not for its own sake,“ they say, “but to set wrongs right and rearrange the world judiciously, under the strictest of self-examination, of course.“ Are they really equipped to play judge or they hiding the seeds of would-be dictatorship?


   The wielding of the rod of power in true humility remains one of the most difficult tests which confronts the Questers as you near the final stage of the Path of Initiation and Earth. It is easier to slide down the slope of ambition than to climb back up the hill virtue, yet it is your own sense of purpose that secures the delicate balance in controlling the hard won rod of power at such a sensitive level of attainment. Therefore, awaken and energize the Crown Chakra before aspiring to such ambition.


Reincarnation—Re-Entry to the Planes


   Is there any question that reincarnation is a fact? We do not believe so. It is difficult however, for people who been raised within cultures that do not recognize reincarnation, to visualize it with clarity.


   The reality of reincarnation is quite simple. Think of your physical body as an encasing envelope or vehicle which you use to express your life on the physical plane. When it has fulfilled its due number of days, the silver cord which is the lifeline that connects your higher vehicles to your physical form breaks and you leave your corporal form to re-enter the astral planes unencumbered.


   When you are ready and if it is your decision to reincarnate, you enter another physical vehicle that is conceived on the physical plane. Your choice of parents, location, the environment and even the condition of your new physical vehicle are influenced by your previous karmic patterns in your future karmic needs.


Thoughts are Deeds


Reincarnation gives hope

for a better life to come,

To those who dwell in misery.


   Both one’s thoughts and one’s deeds are of karmic accountability when one vacates one physical form to progress to other planes, for an individual may behave perfectly well outwardly and yet project the most deadly of thoughts, it is also possible because of an unhappy chain of circumstances for an individual to precipitate a situation that might appear to be dastardly on the surface, yet have been initiated out of lily white intention. Only the Lords of Karma are able to judge with unfailing accuracy the wealth of karmic detail, past as well as present, that accompanies an entrant to the astral planes and thus ensure justice that is tempered by compassion.


Note: The Elder’s words concerning reincarnation bring to mind the following lines from Sir Edwin Arnold’s translation of the Bhagavad-Gita


“Nay, but as when one layeth

His worn-out robes away,

And taking new ones, sayeth,

“These will I wear today! “

So putteth by the spirit

Lightly its garb of flesh ,

And passeth to inherit

A residence afresh.“


Returning to the Planes


   The question arises as to whether acquiescing to a defective infants decisions to return to the planes will interfere in their karma or in their karmic obligations?


   A Human may find it a swiftly moving way to work out his or her karma by remaining in an imperfect physical body or with a flawed mind, but for our people whose lives last an average of nine times longer than yours, it remains a much slower process than if we were to leave of our physical forms and transfer to the planes to work out our karmic obligations, therefore, we prefer to acquiesce.


   Yet the question remains, if an infant wishes to leave the physical plane, does one have the right to interfere and so prolong an incarnation that might be terribly painful? To that question, our answer is, “To each, his or her own tests and personal response, selfish or unselfish.“


   We discussed previously the easy method by which our own people vacate their physical form when they wish to leave the physical plane permanently, but we are troubled when we observe the sometimes accelerated funerary schedules which seem to be gaining momentum in the West. At the time of burial or cremation, it is essential in a cool climate, to allow a requisite period of time, usually three days, for the silver cord to be completely severed before burial or cremation.


   Sometimes those who remain on the physical plane after the loss of someone close to them seem to be too hasty in their tidiness and they do not wait long enough. There are individuals, depending upon their sensitivity, who actually register a sensation of pain and fear if these rituals are accomplished too quickly after they vacate their body.


   Happily, re-entry to the planes to be the most joyful experience that it is possible to imagine. If one enters the planes following a prolonged or serious illness, one receives whatever healing or rest is necessary to reduce the memory of one’s former physical discomfort and then one awakens to a life of free of pain.


   Each of us is automatically drawn to the plane into which we are attuned by the manner in which we have lived our lives before re-entry. It is there that one is greeted by friends, reunited with loved ones and encouraged to expand one’s consciousness. It is there also, that one may discuss one’s hopes, share one’s expectations and plan one’s future, in the joyful realization that one’s latest departure from the physical plane is not the end, but the beginning of a better life.




   For many years, some people have used the term “reincarnation“ and “transmigration“ interchangeably. Reincarnation of a member of the race of man involves his or her rebirth onto the physical plane into a Human or Dagon form, according to their last incarnation. Although animals also reincarnate, they do so within their own kingdom at present.


   To all our people, transmigration of souls involves reincarnation between animal and Human vehicles, an animal soul into the Human vehicle and vice versa.


   The above pattern of exchange was not unknown at one time, but during the dark days of Atlantis, genetic manipulation and experimentation of all kinds threatened to blur the dividing line between animals and man. Therefore, transmigration of souls as such, was discontinued when the practice was extended to facilitate slavery involving captive entities whose life-forms straddled the dividing line between animals and Man.


   Since that time, the evolutionary progress of some species of the Animal Kingdom has overlapped that of involuting members of the race of Man. It is possible that the door between the Animal Kingdom and mankind will open once again in the future and individualized animal souls of high vibration will reincarnate in Human form. We do not know if the reverse pattern will also be reinstated, we have not question our Elders and they have not yet informed us


Service to the Planet—A Forgotten Debt!


   One of the chapters in Training of an Adept—which contains the techniques of becoming attaining, is concerned with the Service to the Deity expressed as service to planet. What should not be overlooked is that the meditations upon the Skills of the Magi are also involved with your individual karma. They are vitally concerned with the payment of an important karmic debt which rarely receives the attention it deserves.


   When Man first arrived on this planet, he expressed no physical needs and so it was intended to be. Through his own shortsightedness, he has incurred debt after debt and while the planet has succored and nourished Man for millennia, demanding nothing in return, Man has subordinated his needs to greed.


   Man’s present physical form is dependent upon the minerals from the Earth, the vitamins from the Plant Kingdom, even the water in one’s tissues relies upon the circulatory system of the planet. All members of the race of Man owe a debt to the planet, although the planet owes us nothing.


   Once you are aware of this particular area of karmic responsibility which you can help to remedy positively, without procrastination, it becomes possible to break free of this downward spiral of involuting irresponsibility. Many Questers are already deeply involved with the defense of the planet and its natural treasures. For those of you whose hearts and minds are allied with your colleagues, but regret your lack of physical support, know that even you can add your positivity, assist in cleansing the planet and help to protect the kindred kingdoms by the practice of your meditations upon the Service to the Planet while you acquire the Skills of the Magi. By doing so, you lessen your personal karma, bearing in mind that :


You owe the world a debt

The world owes you nothing


   It is true today as it has always been, that you cannot enjoy the spiritual heights that await you off-world while still burdened by accumulated karmic debt. You must settle your debts before you graduate, because the Trilogy of karmic Doctrine and its laws has such, is unique to the planet called Earth and the race called Man and cannot be transferred elsewhere.




   If the maxim, “As above, so below,“ holds true, then you as a microcosm must behave as well as you hope and expect of the  macrocosm. Remember, each day is last in the physical incarnation for many entities, very often unexpectedly. Do not waste one day! Every day brings us nearer to the Reckoning.


Reincarnation—notes(V.B. & J.B)


   During our years of communication with Dagon and the Elders, they have led us to explore the doctrine of reincarnation, subject to both ethnic and historical influence. The following notes may help to point away to their own research for our fellow Questers


   The fact of reincarnation is accepted without question in most areas of the world. The Jains, Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs accept it, some cultures of tropical Africa and Jewish Kabalists accepted it, as did some Gnostics. Cesar and other Romans wrote of the Druid’s belief in reincarnation, which was also espoused by many of the philosophers of ancient Greece.


   Many learned Rabbis accepted the doctrine of reincarnation which is endorsed in certain passages of the Torah (Shulhan Oruch).


   Some of the early church fathers taught the laws of reincarnation, such as Origen (185-254 A.D.) who wrote: “Is it not reasonable that souls should be introduced into bodies in accordance with their merits and previous deeds.“ He claimed to have received the teachings in an unbroken tradition from apostolic times, as well as he might, considering the number of clear references to reincarnation contained in the New Testament, such as in Matthew 11:13-15 and Matthew 17:9-13.


   European philosophers who proclaimed their acceptance of the doctrine cannot be better represented than in the words of Voltaire who wrote: “It is not more surprising to be born twice than once.“


   The number of enlightened men and women who lead their generation in thought, word or deed are legion, but while professing their belief in reincarnation, they often left no written word, although attested comment by their peers is plentiful and the list is long…….


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