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Steps on the Way



   We intend within the chapters which follow, to retrace our own progress and share with you the steps of our own people have trodden on the Way, discussing:














Seven become Nine


   When we discuss the ultimate goal in awakening and energizing the two highest chakras—the first and the second which are called the pinnacle and the chalice by the Dagon, that awakening does not imply that your major centers of consciousness will return to the original number expressed by Early Man, which was seven. For were the present two lowest chakras to become dormant or atrophy, man’s opportunity to express himself on the physical plane would becomes severely limited, it could end in the deterioration of man’s physical attributes and the dissolution of his physical form.


   Obviously, there are also karmic debts to be paid by most Questers which were incurred during unwise application of their chakras energies, as well as karmic obligations which necessitate the positive influence of their continued activity.


   An essential and positive application of the two lowest chakras to Man’s life-pattern must be achieved, although it is the extension of his effort to include the awakening of his two highest chakras increase their number to nine, which is mankind’s present goal. 


   Very possibly, when most of Man’s chakras are active and the awakening of the three highest centers of consciousness is at hand—the Crown, which is already stirring or awake in many advanced souls, the Chalice at mid-aura and the Pinnacle at the edge of the aura, which are awaiting manifestation and awakening, mankind may finally overcome disease.


   The alignment and equilibrium of his three lowest vehicles of expression-physical, astral and mental—may also result in the eventual extension of man’s life span perhaps in time, to the same age as that reached by our own people, 800 years on average. Then you will share with us the continuity of consciousness and physical longevity that makes the achievement of your life-goals so much more certain, before your transition to the higher planes of consciousness miscalled “death.“


Your Soul is Indestructible


   Some of your acquaintances might question whether it is really worth the effort to progress on a spiritual path? From very long experience, we can assure them in truth, that if they are dissatisfied in any way with their lives, unfulfilled emotionally, frustrated materially or anxious concerning their physical health, they will not improve those conditions by neglecting their spiritual well-being. 


   Let me immediately impress upon you that I am not suggesting that you exchange your present life-condition for that of a wandering mendicant. I am suggesting that for most sincere Questers it is possible to change yourselves within the material framework in which you find yourselves.


   It is always encouraging to remember that your soul is indestructible and that none of your efforts are in vain, they are recorded to your credit and are not lost when you leave the physical plane. For all that you take with you when you leave this plane of consciousness is what you are--your inner being which reflects your soul-work between incarnations, registers the results of all your previous incarnations and expresses your most recent efforts on the physical plane.


   If you suffer from poor health due to karmic debt, you cannot escape the cause by dying; neither can you escape sorrow or the distress of guilt for instance, by committing suicide.


   If a debt persists after one’s so-called death, it must still be settled and does not decrease in importance by ones procrastination.


   Therefore, it is the greater part of wisdom to correct your karmic flaws now and know positively that by doing so you are insuring your future well-being, whether in this life, your next life on the planes or perhaps in a future, happier incarnation.


   Fortunately for mankind, all actions are recorded, there is nothing that can dissipate any of your kind thoughts, diminish your helpful acts or reduce the results of your work on yourself, which can also express itself as success in many fields on the physical plane. Even the smallest genuine effort to bring contentment out of all proportion to your investment in positive thinking and practical effort. You are the summation of everything that you have ever done and all you have ever been and because your soul is indestructible, no one can rob you of your well-deserved attainment.




   It is hoped that the use of the term, discipline, when applied to the following exercises, will not be misunderstood. Discipline has unfortunately in recent years become confused with the idea of punishment in some connotations, whereas, in these studies, the disciplines are intended to lead you to freedom of mind and the practice of mindskills. Among the definitions that we are using at this time is, “a branch of instruction involving mental and moral training.“


   We realize that most Questers hope to be accepted as a disciple by a Master. We are also told that, “when we are ready, the Teacher will appear.“ In this context, our Teachers would like to comment somewhat humorously, that the words “disciple“ and ”discipline“ proceed from the same root word and you cannot become the first successfully, without the practice of the second. There are several other words which we would like to clarify by present-day definition before beginning the exercises.


   To concentrate successfully involves “focusing one’s attention upon and to bring into or towards a common center “—which is what is needed if you are going to visualize correctly. To visualize is “to make the mental vision or image of something not presently visible, or to make visible to the imagination.“


   One definition of the word “meditation“ is, “the mental planning of“—which is a practical as well as a directive aid in the present context. Another definition is “the exercise of one’s mind in contemplation“ which, if we remember that to contemplate is “to gaze upon,“ is also helpful.


   One traditional definition of dedication is, “to devote with solemn rites.“ To dedicate yourself, reminds you that the goals which you are striving to attain are your own, they are life-goals which are not imposed from without, they are entirely personal. Yet, when you make progress, you cannot fail to help those around you, because when you radiate compassion and well-being, you expand the hierarchy’s field of positivity, whether you are conscious of it or not.


   Now let us consider some very simple definitions, “concentration“ demands that you fix your mind upon the object of your attentive thought, while “meditation“ implies sustained concentration. When you become absorbed in and one with the object of your meditation-concentration, unaware of your personal self, that is “contemplation.“


   It is important to remember also that there is a very definite order in which you must approach the practical question of awakening and energizing the chakras. This order reflects itself in the timing of your chakras activity, which must not be forced.


There are six instrumental steps:








   When you are ill or your physical form is low in vitality, we do not advise you or any Quester, to work with the chakra energies except in the furtherance of self-healing, but suggest that you wait until your physical vehicle has regained its strength and then resume the exercises.


   The exercises in the following three chapters are obviously intended to be practiced alone, because the awakening and energizing of your centers of consciousness is an intensely personal experience. They lead up to the training studies given in Training of an Adept which includes advancing your skills of the Magi through the Path of Service to the Planet. The studies are of great importance as regards their positive potential, they not only bless the world in which you live with positivity and adjust your balance of debits and credits in connection with world karma, they also prepare you for entrance to the group work connected with the ashrams of the Hierarchy and attune you to the goals of the Power Houses.


   The meditations which follow in Training of an Adept are not necessarily intended for group use, but they can be adapted to group work. It is necessary however, if the work is to proceed smoothly and you are to progress swiftly, that if you decide to meditate with a group and are uncertain of your colleagues degree of spiritual development, you satisfy yourself that all participating members expresses sincere and somewhat elevated sense of purpose.


   We cannot promise that you will progress quite as swiftly working with a group until all those members have energized the Brow Chakra, although it does help if the group members are compatible with each other, but please, maintain a distance to least three feet. between each and every person meditating to avoid impinging upon each other’s auras. If you need to use written instructions of any kind, use only those that are impressed with your own vibration if at all possible.


Psychic Vampirism


   Perhaps now is the time to mention that when a chakra—usually the Heart chakra but sometimes the Root chakra, sustains a deliberate drain of energy, protection can be concentrated around the chakra in question by interiorized sounding of the Om and a concentrated visualization of a brilliant white light surrounding the area of the afflicted chakra, then complete clearing the intruding impingement by sipping cold water.


   It must be said, that the above situation, should it occur, does not imply that your interest in spiritual progress has precipitated such a drain upon your energy, it happens to the most materially minded persons also, but your increased awareness may have promoted your recognition of the cause.


Becoming the Path


   It is not perhaps generally appreciated that when you become an accomplished Master, you will have trodden all the side paths which lead to adeptship and it is the resulting synthesis which leads you at last, to become a Mahatma.


   An erroneous impression persists among some Questers, that there are few degrees of illumination that are significant before one attains adeptship, but such is not so. The steps of the Way you tread successfully and the pursuit of perfection reflected by the higher qualities associated with awakening each of the chakras, ensure that you ascend the remaining steps, by using those perfected spiritual attributes as ingress to yet higher planes, by the greater issuing out of the reflected lesser attributes and the lesser absorbed into the greater.


   Many Questers in the past have found on their way to awakening the higher chakras by perfecting the spiritual potential of a lower chakra, according to the opportunity afforded them within their present environment of responsibilities. Remember, the purpose of the Master Chohan includes all spiritual Paths.




   Before going further, we must discuss the power of the Kundalini. The Kundalini is a somewhat mysterious power which is likened to a sleeping serpent, is situated at the root of the spine and there it should remain unless and until it awakens naturally.


   In the early history of Ethereal Man, when Man’ lowest center of consciousness was located at the Solar Plexus chakra; the Kundalini was awake, yet tame. It moved naturally, precisely and delicately from chakra to chakra, pausing momentarily at the Pinnacle Vortex, attracted there in response to yet higher forces.


   After man developed the two lower chakras and higher chakras had become dormant and atrophied, the Kundalini gradually subsided into a torpor, eventually coming to rest at the lowest chakra near the root of the spine. This was a merciful repose for the good of mankind, Freeing man from the torments that an unrestrained Kundalini force, out of control, could and can impose. 


   We realize that the arousal of the Kundalini has been attempted artificially with some success for thousands of years. Even in Atlantis it was forced into activity, in efforts to develop the siddhis (Sanskrit. Literally ”attributes of perfection.” The phenomenal powers which are the side effects of attainment.) in slaves who exhibited potential E-S-P. The results of forcing the Kundalini upwards were as dangerous then as they are now, very often leaving the victim physically debilitated, emotionally drained, spiritually bankrupt or mentally deranged and quite often leading to suicide or incarceration.


   The artificially aroused Kundalini can be likened to an angry serpent when forced into wakefulness and unheedful of the damage it may cause in its fury, it may rupture the sensitivity of a chakra. Without the braking action of the descending vitality of the Higher Self, the angry Kundalini can also deliver a jolt to the nervous system, similar to a bolt of lightning when it returns to its location at the base of the spine and this shock has been known to snap the silver cord, causing premature death.


   When one forces the Kundalini power to rise, the downward flow of vitality from Higher Self is not involved, which upsets the balance that is necessary for safe awakening. Natural balance is provided by the flow of vitality descending into the Questers form, where it is met and equaled by an energy flowing ascending from the Kundalini.


   The attitude of those who would take shortcuts to attain the powers that the awakened Kundalini confers seems to be that once awakened, all powers will be acquired.


   True, but all powers implies both powers beneficent and powers negative. That the latter eventually turn and destroy their practitioner is well known, but there are still some Questers who believe that they are strong enough to control the powers of the Left-hand path, provided their motives are above reproach. This is a totally erroneous attitude and quite unreliable. If at any time a forcing technique is used to arouse such powers, then which of the powers responds at any one time, whether beneficent or negative, is not open to debate or settled by choice on the part of the practitioner who has invoked them. 


   The benefits of allowing the Kundalini to awaken naturally cannot be recommended too highly and it must be emphasized that this awakening can, and often does confer upon the Quester the most wonderful “gifts of the spirit.“ It can be likened to a microcosmic form of universal energy which leads the Quester to experience the unfolding of cosmic consciousness.


   There have been Questers in the past who attempted to acquire powers by “bribing“ Masters, with promises of the good deeds that they would accomplish once they possessed such powers. These are the very people who lose their sense of proportion, confuse their sense of direction, forget all spiritual values once they are in a position of power and incline to tyranny and despotism.


   To ensure that spiritual gifts are used wisely, they must be acquired wisely and it is in the winning of those gifts, that the caliber of the Quester can be assessed and carefully monitored by the Hierarchy for future reference.


Rousing the kundalini



   The technique by which the Kundalini is aroused naturally and safely is subject to both invocation and evocation. The Questers vibration and the note sounded in characteristic response to tests encountered in his or her life style, life-pattern and life-effort, is personified by requisite levels of thought, word, deed and the attracts the attention of and is registered by the Questors Higher Self.


   The response activates a vital vibration which descends via the Questors silver cord to awaken the chakra concerned. This revitalization of the chakra then arouses the Kundalini from its long sleep and it ascends in response to energize the chakra.


   The ascent of the Kundalini energy to meet and merge with the downfall of vitality from the Higher Self at the chakra which represents the threshold of the Questers higher consciousness, creates a safe and secure balance of power, insuring the Quester full control.


The essential steps are:





   We wish to reassure Questers who sometimes suffer from nervous anxiety when contemplating what sensations might accompany the Kundalini initial awakening. Roused naturally, the sensation experienced when the Kundalini ascends and descends is delicate and refreshing beyond description, the antithesis of violence; it can be likened to a fresh breeze on a parched dry day or a stream in the desert.


   Three important factors rule the safe awakening of the Kundalini; these are the attracting vibration of the Quester, the power invoked from above, the power evoked from below and their meeting point at the Questers center of consciousness. It is these three factors which place full control of the transforming powers which are released to the Quester, in his or her own hands.


   Our own people know from personal experience, that the only valid way to acquire the skills related to E-S-P and development of the higher siddhis, is by transmutation of the Questers present perceptive attributes, safeguarded by the Questers spiritual integrity and fulfilled in service to the Deity.




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