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   Your emotional body is a very important part of your creativity.  As you seek to place what is mostly a fourth dimensional attribute into the third dimension, however, it is necessary to understand the process and what occurs vibrationally as the structure of the third dimension energizes the emotional responses within the self. I have sought to help humanity in other writings to understand that dimensions are structures or formats vibrating as vehicles within which consciousness expresses. Thus your emotional body is an aspect of your consciousness. The third or fourth dimensions are the structures within which consciousness exists. Symbolically the fourth dimension equate to flow potential and your emotional body is your flow potential and thus there is a natural attraction between the vehicle which is the fourth dimension and the conscious which is the emotional body. Thus although you may seek to function emotionally in the third dimension there is a natural attraction to the fourth dimension emotionally. This is not a “bad“ effect nor is it an especially “good“, it simply is. But by understanding it and the nature of the third dimension then you can see more clearly and understand the goals as far as how to help your emotional body vibrate in a manner which is an integrated use of what is on a basic level. Or we could say, help it be whole.


   Many of you have literally fractured your emotional body. By that I mean you have beliefs that say crying, anger, loss-all of these are bad emotions. Joy, love, fun, happiness, contentment, these are good emotions and one should express the good emotions and let go of the bad ones. Now I not advocating in this material emotions such as fear, loss, anger, anxiety, frustration but I am saying that we should create in a symbol an emotional body that is a circle and say that in a vibrational sense every emotion, whether it is considered “good“ or “bad“, has a particular frequency or vibratory point in that circle. The goal of course, remember, is to use your whole emotional body so that you don’t leave out or let go of those “bad“ emotions without including the vibrational points that those particular emotions vibrate to in a manner that wipes out or releases the fractured effect. It is necessary to see that you could never destroy a part of yourself. You simply incorporate that part in a way that gives it a guidance level that is beyond its comprehension and thus the use of that point serves a purpose, let us say, that is clearer.


   A good example of this is the ego which is the center of the personality. Now you may have been taught that you get rid of the ego. Well, in my opinion that is not very logical. You have carefully, lifetime over a lifetime build up a strong ego centered personality and it has a use, a function. Certainly you want to let go of the perspective that this ego at the center of your personality is your guiding system as you function in your creative effort within physical existence but this perspective is a strength and you don’t throw it out. You place it within a larger perspective which is called the soul. And you allow its strength to be guided by that larger perspective of which the Soul represents. 


   Going back now to that part of your emotional body that vibrates as loss, fear, anxiety-you may have given that a lot of energy in the past. It has a strong energy sense then. It knows how to function “well.“ Now you don’t want to allow the part of the emotional body that has been strongly energized to guide your life if it is not an emotion that is serving you well; but you can’t throw it out. It simply will not go if you try. And you will keep reactivating or use the emotions which are not serving you well until you do the following with it; you include it in the process! Now, again I want to emphasize that I don’t mean the emotion itself, but the energy point that vibrates with that particular emotion must be included in a energy wholeness that is your emotional body. This fractured point which says “I give up who I am. I let go of who I am in order to become something greater-a part of me is destroyed,“ must be clearly seen as counterproductive to your evolutionary process. You could say you give to your evolution process the vibrations of what you have been as the fuel for becoming something greater-you don’t throw it away. 


   You put it in the process-in the pot if you will-and stir it up with all the current desires to be something greater. The desire nature or your emotional responses are then literally in the creative sense the fuel which guides you to your creative goal. Now think about it, if you have been one that used the emotional body extensively, you have a lot of energy invested in it. Now, let us say that you are not that, at least you don’t think you are, you are one that has a very mental perspective and at this point you don’t validate your emotional body very much. Well, I guarantee you this-you have in the past or you wouldn’t be at this point in your evolution. You have, all of you, invested a lot of energy in the emotional body because it is such a vital component of who and what you are that you can’t flow into a larger state of being without having expressed this emotional point of view comprehensively. Thus if you find you are currently burying emotions or seeking to destroy them, which is probably the same thing for most of you, then I give you the following light techniques and methods to aid you to see how to use that energy point, what ever it maybe, as an impetus into your evolution. 


   Light probing techniques create an attraction that brings to you an integrative point of view which encompasses more of the creative flow or energy. Now, this diagram number nine shows you a circle that represents emotional body and I have placed around that circle certain emotions. Now, I have not listed every emotion because to do so would take more room than is necessary. It is not then, a complete list of emotions. But I have tried in a graduated sense to give you a sense of which emotions have a lot of energy in them and which do not as far as the physical level vibration is concerned. Now you will note that unconditional love doesn’t seem to have a lot of energy in it on the physical plane and in my opinion that’s because it has been used very much on the physical plane. Also, the joy level and some of the other very “positive “ emotions have comparatively little energy invested in them on the physical plane. Some of the emotions may surprise you, either in the amount of energy that is in them or the lack of energy that is in them. Now I have tried to show you from the vibratory flow of the circle the amount of energy in each emotion. It is a generalization but I have placed the emotions in the progress of order of the amount of energy that they use of the physical plane. We could then, show the flow which is your emotional body as a river; the wide vibratory rate is the physical level of the river and at a particular point that river becomes very fine vibrationally and you will note that the “higher“ emotions fit into that particular energy spectrum that is a finer vibrational flow.


   Going back again to the emotional body as a circle, look at what would occur if you tried to throw away or get rid of all of the vibration that you consider to be “bad.“ You really cut off a great deal more than half of the emotional body as it can function physically within you now. The goal of course is to dimensionalize the emotional body and I am going to explain that in a moment, so that all points in the circle can be energize without the “heavy“ effect that keeps you caught up in this third dimensional point without the ability to access again the fourth dimensional flow. 


   The third dimension represents the enlargement or magnification of the creative process literally taking your creativity and putting it under a microscope so that you can take it apart, see what makes it tick if you will, and put back together easily and clearly. But in the process of taking all apart emotionally the emotional body gets kind of fractured. Part of it pulled into the third dimension but because of its natural attraction to the fourth dimension a split can occur. Now your physical body has been focused on the third dimension up until this point for almost all of you. Your mental body is more easily able to penetrate beyond the third dimension into the fourth, fifth, a and perhaps a reflection of the sixth depending upon your point of evolution but for many of you there reading this material your mental body has functioned very well within the fifth dimension which is Divine structure. 


   Now, you see there is a certain compatibility between the third dimension that doesn’t exist between the third and the fourth dimension and I am not saying the are incompatible but I am saying that many of you have seen the third dimension and the fifth dimension seems a natural extension of that. But you haven’t been able to access the fourth dimension in connection with the third. Now I am generalizing here. This is one perspective that is quite often buried and it may be that some of you will not recognize what I’m telling you. You know that I am not talking about conscious awareness as much as your creative point of view-that ability to create your life which is very much a part of the subconscious process. Your awareness then vibrationally of what the dimensions represent is that for a while physical existence seems to be very confining structure and it is easier to understand a structural dimension such as the fifth dimension than a flow dimension such as the fourth dimension. So the mental body is generally quite comfortable both on the third dimension and in the fifth dimension, but the emotional body yearns for the fourth dimension and doesn’t like the third and certainly doesn’t understand the fifth. 


   Now, the key for it is understanding the fifth in order to understand the third and that is very important.  The reason is; if we equate the fourth dimension to a flow then we could equate the fifth dimension to the supportive nature that facilitates the flow. I have many times used the example of the river bed being a supportive nature that guides the flow of the river in the directional sense that will allow it to express clearly. In other words, if the river banks are not there, it scatters its energy or flow, does it not? It floods over in to an area where it is dissipated and less effective. Thus going back to our example-the fourth dimensional flow which we could equate then as the emotional flow functioning as a mechanism for the divine plan is stretched in its understanding by uniting with the fifth dimensional expressions which could be equated then to the supportive of mechanism of the Divine flow. 


   Now you are seeking balance from every point of view and thus your emotional body and its structure can learn from your mental body and its structure. They are the natural balancing tools of each other. The mental body in its understanding of concept can be used to help the emotional body see beyond a more limited perspective that is as a flowing one but perhaps not as aware of the whole picture as the mental responses are.  On the other hand, the mental body has a tendency to sometimes to analyze too much and the emotional body can flow the mental body out of that energy that is being reiterated in an out of balance sense. Thus, they are good partners if then, on the physical plane, we are trying to show the emotional perspective of how to be a whole one, and we begin by allowing the emotional body to enter a perspective that is fifth dimensional.  I have a particular exercise to begin this process.





Channeled by Janet McClure

Edited by Lillian Harbe
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